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Prague - beautiful city, unhappy people

Prague, Czech Republic

my stay in Prague wasnt d most beautiful 1 but definitely memorable. as much as d city is really beautiful, d people seems to b very unhappy n dissatisfied... they dont seem to like tourists or juz any1 who doesnt speak czech.

we didnt find a host here too so we went to a hostel. it was d 1st time we went to a hostel for this trip n it was such a bad experience! this dated back in Berlin. they called n told me d hostel is overbooked and i cant have a room for 4 nights as per my CONFIRMED BOOKING email says. johannes was with me when that happened n he said that is not my problem. so he helped me speak w d hostel n then called up the booking center (a different site) n made a complaint. the booking center managed to confirmed my booking. when we were checking in, a guest at the hostel told us all his money n valuables were stolen from his room. on the 2nd night, i was back from sightseeing and went back to my room. i was shocked to see the room now has 4 beds (instead of 2) and all our belongings were no longer there. we went to the reception to ask about it and d staff says we need to change our room. i was upset n say why didnt anyone tell us. d staff said someone tried to contact us but we were not contactable. this is an absolutely lie cos we only left the hostel at 12pm, and they have my phone number from the booking form. d staff then said he just started his shift n know nothing about it n brought us to our 'new room'. our stuff were all over d room, things throw in whatever bags n bundled together. this is absolutely repulsive as i had stayed in many hostels and never had any experience like such! i had to worry about whether my stuff will go missing from this room again everyday i am there. and every morning, we hear some1 complaining about missing stuff. very very unsafe hostel and the management has no respect for the guest's property n privacy. i will never go back to this hostel n i urge everyone not to go there if u have a choice... hostel name is Sokolska Youth Hostel in Prague.

great experience so far isnt it... d city was definitely a hot tourist spot cos i think i saw more tour groups here than all d other cities combined! from all over d world!!! u cant get any photos WITHOUT any tour groups in them. let's put it this way, u r lucky to be able to move from 1 sight to another! Charles Bridge has soooooo many people dat we were stuck in 1 spot for 20min... i worry for my safety on d bridge. it is sooo packed, i dunno if d old bridge can take it. but thank goodness for d good old QUALITY of ancient builders, it stands strong n firm of cos! but i got really tired easily fr trying to get fr 1 pt to another pushing thru d crowd n queuing for entrance... it was really crazy!!! juz see 4 urselves...

but there is some good thing of cos... at d square, there's some people doing d free hugs campaign. these people comes from all over europe. of cos we have to be part of such a meaningful project!

czech is also known for its honey cake. i understand it totally cos it is absolutely delicious!!!

just looking at d photo makes me drool.... yummmmmmm...

of cos d prague castle is another big spot u have to go. b4 goin to d castle, i saw many postcards of d Golden Lane in d castle. building in d lane looks soooo nice n colorful n picture perfect! i was really looking forward to that. but... of cos i could never get d perfect picture as in d postcards.. cos there were... yes u guessed it... lotsa tour groups again!

we went to Vysehrad. it is a very nice area every visitor should go. it's free n u get a really nice view of d city. we juz sat there for an hour or so i think, enjoying d view n peace (no tour groups there!) it's a piece of heaven!!! ok i am exaggerating but after 4 days of squeezing thru ppl trying to get to places, it really is nice to not have to push or be pushed! it is a nice end for our stay here.

permalink written by  wangyng on May 3, 2008 from Prague, Czech Republic
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
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Prague, Czech Republic

I made it to Prague, Czech Republic yesterday after a long bus ride that can only be described as "epic." I left Amsterdam at 10:30pm and arrived in Prague at 2:30pm... My bus to Italy is even worse. On Friday (July 18) I have a 6.5 hour bus ride to Budapest, Hungary. Then on July 20 at 8:00pm I'm taking the bus from Budapest to Ancona, Italy. I'll arrive in Ancona around 2:00pm but then later that night I have an all-nighter ferry to Split, Croatia. It's more hectic and time consuming to do it this way, but it is considerably cheaper.

Now when you hear about the Czech Republic you probably think of the Soviet Union. And when you hear about the Soviet Union (or eastern Europe in general) you probably think of Buildings with huge holes in them and paint chipping off the walls, or something along the lines of these pictures:

While I did take those pictures in Prague, that's not what it looks like at all. Prague has surrendered to almost all European wars in order to preserve it's history. Prague was never bombed or anything so everything here is ancient. You can see huge golden tipped spires and cathedrals as far as the eye can see in all directions.

Today I took the metro to the Old Town Square and saw some of the sights there. The Astronomical Clock in the square was gigantic and very intricate. I even got the chance to walk up to the top of it. I also checked out the Salvador Dali exhibition they had going on in the square; Unfortunately I was unable to take pictures of the exhibit.

Here's the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn from the top of the clock.

Notice the gold on all the buildings.

Everything is very cheap here too since they don't use the Euro. A pint of premium Czech beer downtown cost me 22 koruns (pronounced crowns). That's like $1.51 American. The hostel I'm staying at has one of the priciest drink menus in town. Here I believe the same pint of beer goes for 46 koruns.

The day I arrived I was very hungry. I have been craving tacos for a long time now and I decided that an "authentic Mexican" Czech burrito would be a good substitute. And at 39 koruns from a local bakery, how could I resist? Well I now know why back home why there is Taco Cabana if you want a taco and Krispy Kreme if you want a donut. I also know why you don't see Mexican restaurants in the Czech Republic and why you don't see Czech restaurants in Mexico. Czech food is to Mexican food just like a goldfish is to a telephone pole.

It may look legit at first glance, but it's obviously not a burrito when you crack it open.

Also I tried a traditional Czech dish today. Goulash! I don't even know what to say about it or how to even describe it. It wasn't bad, but it was far from good. Interesting dish that's for sure.

Yo Andrew Minard, what it do?

permalink written by  pathaley on July 16, 2008 from Prague, Czech Republic
from the travel blog: Eurotrip
tagged Castle, Prague, Czech, Praha, Goulash and Burrito

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Prague, a beautiful city if not overrun by tourists...

Prague, Czech Republic

We took the overnight train to Prague from Krakow. the train left at 10:20 and we got in at about 7:30 or so... Adam was clearly having trouble sleeping and my chainsaw-like snoring didn't help. He got angry at his lack of sleep and the bear sounds coming from the bunk below and he lost his temper at me a little. Entirely understandable.

We were told that we could check in to the apartment from 7:30 or so because there was no-one in the apartment the day before. Well, when we arrive it turns out that the guy here the day before went and got hit by a car, and needed another day's rest. Talk about inconsiderate! So we were told that we could check in at about 12:00 or so.

At 9 we left our bags at the agents office around the corner, and walked in to the centre of town. A nice 15 minute walk. The new town, especially Wenceslas Square is very nice, busy and active. Lots of young Czechs and foreigners walkinga round, but as we were both tired, and Adam wasn't talking to me, we decided to go to the apartment and have a day of doing nothing. We sat back and watched the 1008 channels of satellite... Every channel had shit on it... Adam went to bed at 10...

Next morning, get up and Adam is chipper again! Yes! Very pleased about that... We went out to do some sightseeing in town. Started with a pizza for lunch, went to the old town square... Millions and millions of tourists there, you couldn't move for tourists... But it was entirely understandable. Prague's old city square is absolutely stunning, and as it turns out, even more beautiful at night.

The same thing can not be said about the smell. The city square, particularly up around the Astronomical Clock smelling like horseshit, mostly on account of all the horses shitting there... The trams, also, smelled like B.O. or at least our one home last night did. It reaked of the two homeless people sat in front of me. Mostly on account of the fact that they needed a shower...

Dinner and drinks followed, and we went to a traditional Czech bar called Caffreys, to watch the second half of the Arsenal/Dynamo Kiev game. Drinks at this bar proved to be expensive, so I only had 2 more after the other 7 or 8 I'd had through the day, and went back to the apartment at 12:30 to play an online poker tournament... My KK came up against AA and I was out just outside the money...

Today, (our 3rd and final day in Prague) is another day of sightseeing. Heading to Prague Castle, and hopefully taking some pictures around the city. I will eventually add some more pictures to the blog and to Facebook. Hopefully I can get that done tonight... And, hopefully, I can survive the smell of horseshit...

I meet up with Mum and Dad tomorrow afternoon, so that's pretty exciting too...

permalink written by  Big_T on September 18, 2008 from Prague, Czech Republic
from the travel blog: Big_T's Travel Blog
tagged Prague, Horseshit and Horses

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Prague Part 1

Prague, Czech Republic

We set out from Orlando on the 24th and arrived this morning in Prague. The JFK to Prague leg was horrific - for some reason I couldn't get any sleep. Oh yeah, part of it was due to the two dip-dods sitting in front of us who decided to smoke in the lavatory - twice! I never cease to be amazed at what people will do. The flight attendant gave him a kindergarten slap on the risk, tsk, tsk... isn't that a felony? Well that just prepared us to land in Prague I guess. In the less than 24 hours we've been here, we have both smoked a second hand pack of cigarettes here, holy cow!

We checked into the Mamaison Residence Belgicka, which is in the expat part of town, really nice little gem of a hotel - the room does smell a bit like smoke - uh not surprised though.

No naps! We took the above ground tram to Prague Castle, which was an enormous complex. We got lost getting there and met someone from Estonia, and between the 3 of us, we ended up finding it just fine. The land is so hilly, it's easy to lose sight of the landmarks and get turned around. Kris could not pass up some authentic Prague Castle goulash.

We also checked out the local Wenceslas Vinyard where we had a carafe of local Czech wine...which we shared with the many bees that seem to populate the entire Castle area. Then we walked down the shopping street of Malostranska and crossed the Charles Bridge into Old Town. Old Town was packed with tourists and shops, and we met someone else from Pittsburgh looking at Russian style stacking Steelers dolls, go figure!
We checked out Tyn Church on the way back to the metro then headed to Radost FX Cafe for dinner, which was an awesome eclectic little bar/restaurant with great food.

Going to bed now- finally:)

permalink written by  blondie on August 25, 2010 from Prague, Czech Republic
from the travel blog: Central Europe
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Poland and More Prague

Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland

On Thursday, we headed out to Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland to see John, Agata, and her family. We drove around the one way streets of Prague for about 45 minutes getting lost and looking for coffee to-go, not necessarily in that order. Once we got out of the city and drove though a McDonald's McCafe, we were on our way to Poland! The landscapes were beautiful throughout the whole drive. The VW Polo had a little of a rough time in the hills though, and I learned the hard way that you don't have to prepay for gas in Czech!

We arrived in Agata's town that afternoon - about a 4.5 hour drive from Prague. Her family was so great! We rode bikes and saw her town square, church and school. It was so cool to see where she grew up!
Her dad brews his own beer and makes his own wine and vodka, so we had a lot of his homemade libations that night and great food! They also had a super delicious cake for Kris' birthday! Her family grows a lot of fruit and vegetables in the yard, and we had fresh free-roaming happy Chicken eggs for breakfast in the morning - best eggs we have ever tasted in our lives, no joke!!

We left on Friday to go back to Prague - all four of us in the Polo. Definitely a tight fit, and a little more stress on the poor little VDub's engine, but we made it just fine. We stayed at the Ibis Hotel in Old Town this time which a GREAT location and was much closer to all the attractions.
We ate typical Czech food at a really great Brewery called Pivovarsky Dum and then walked back over Charles Bridge and through Old Town Square. Later we checked out a bar called Fragola.

Saturday, Agata and John had to leave back to Poland, so I walked with them to the train station and they took the 4 hour train back :( Sad to see them leave, but I'll see them back in the U.S in another week!

Kris and I walked around to some of the city we hadn't seen yet, including Wenceslas Square, and we ate dinner at a great cheap Thai noodle bar called Modry Zub, or the "Blue Tooth". I walked to see Prague Castle lit up later in the night. Prague certainly is a whole new city at night, with all of the bars lining the cobblestone streets opening up and different types of tourists out!

permalink written by  blondie on August 26, 2010 from Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland
from the travel blog: Central Europe
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Visite Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague est à la hauteur de sa réputation C'est une Ville magnifique. Il y a beaucoup de monde, c'est très touristique. Ce soir il y avait des musiciens qui jouaient sur les trottoirs à plusieurs endroits.

Notre hôtel est très bien située. On va partout dans la partie touristique de la Ville à pied. Là, on est brûlé. Il est 8h45 et on est revenu se coucher pour entreprendre une autre grosse journée demain. On aimerait bien voir cette Ville de nuit. Il paraît que c'est spectaculaire mais ça va Aller à demain car là, on manque de sommeil. D'ailleurs, Gilbert dort déjà à côté de moi.

permalink written by  gifran on July 11, 2013 from Prague, Czech Republic
from the travel blog: Europe 2013
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Troisième journée

Prague, Czech Republic

Nous démarrons notre troisième journée. Nous ferons les visites a pied encore mais demain nous ferons, s'il y a encore de la place dans une Ville médiévale nommée Cesky. Elle est inscrite sur la liste du patrimoine mondiale de l'Unesco. Elle est située à 170km de Prague. C'est une longue excursion de 10hrs. Ça nous fait peur un peu mais je crois

permalink written by  gifran on July 13, 2013 from Prague, Czech Republic
from the travel blog: Europe 2013
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Dernière soirée Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

C' était notre dernière soirée a Prague et elle a été magnifique. On est vraiment très contents de notre séjour ici. On a beaucoup marché, on devient en forme. On mange très bien et c'est vraiment pas cher. Ce soir, on était sur une terrasse sur le bord du fleuve et on voyait le château tout éclairé, c'était de toute beauté. Ça nous a coûté pour souper incluant chacun 2 verrez de vin, $35. Qu'elle belle Ville!

Demain, on s'en va a Vienne. Il est supposé faire autour de 30.

permalink written by  gifran on July 14, 2013 from Prague, Czech Republic
from the travel blog: Europe 2013
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