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Nine-village Valley

Chengdu, China

Jiuzhaigou is a narrow strip of lowland, four hundred kilometers long, in the Minshan Mountain Range in Nanping County, northeast Sichuan. It got its name because there are nine Tibetan villages in the valley. As it is a remote place with unusually charming scenery and few inhabitants, it is often called the "wonderland on Earth." The valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, is covered with luxuriant primitive forests and dotted by more than a hundred lakes and ponds of various sizes. At the bottom of the clear blue lakes, stones and waterweeds twinkle in the sun, producing a rainbow of colors. As the valley is of a terraced topography, waterfalls are created between lakes on different levels, the biggest drop being over twenty meters. The roaring sound of the falls echoes through the valley.

The valley is home to a great variety of plants and rare animals, such as the giant panda, lesser panda, Golden monkey, and antelope.

To develop tourism here, China plans to build a hotel with 50 beds, a restaurant, and other facilities. The valley will be divided into five scenic areas along a 54-kilometer route with five tourist service centers. The highway will be widened, and an airport will be built.

permalink written by  beijing2008 on August 12, 2008 from Chengdu, China
from the travel blog: Australia
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Chengdu, China

Flew at 6.30 in the morning from Houston to Newark, Newark to Beijing, Beijing to Chengdu. It was the absolute longest flight ever, and I feel like I never ever want to be on a plane again... I don't think I'm built for sitting for 12 hours straight. For one thing, I get motion sickness... and I suppose that's the second, third, fourth, and fifth thing too.

I couldn't read on any of the flights, but at least that gave me time to "catch up" on my sleep. Which didn't happen either, because they had little personal tv screens on the trip from Newark to Beijing. I watched Funny Face :D and played a little Centipede, and some of....Yesterday Once Again? It was a movie with Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. I love them together :D

I was picked up at the Chengdu airport by a volunteer from Sichuan University, who told me to call him Shawn. His real name is something else completely, but I can't quite remember it right now. My roommate should also be coming in soon. Ashley Bell friended me on Facebook, so I take it as a sign that she's friendly. Please please please be friendly...

permalink written by  chesh on August 31, 2008 from Chengdu, China
from the travel blog: Little Eva in Big China
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