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Going to Florida - Part 3

Nags Head, United States

More one day travelling... and here we are, North Carolina, in this interesting city called Nags Head.

Today we saw one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen, with the sun in one side, and the moon on the other... on a sand dune. In another interesting city called "Kills Devil Hills", where the Wright Brothers did they first flight or whatever you wanna call it.

Was cold as hell, but really worth it. Actually, I've never been that cold in my whole life... but it worth it.

permalink written by  me on January 22, 2008 from Nags Head, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Sunset, Nature, USA, NagsHead and NorthCarolina

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Den Haag - Day 20 of trip

The Hague, Netherlands

we agreed to cook for our host Yorien tonight. her name is actually Hilgien but it was tooo hard to pronounce for people so she uses Yorien to make things easy for everyone.

anyway, she was pretty excited about us cooking cos 1) she gets to eat food from a different country, 2) she has some1 cooking for her so she has food when she gets home from work. we head to d city to walk around a little. was really a quick walk as we need to buy d stuff we need fr d Asian Supermarket then head home to cook cos Hilgien has to go work out after dinner (most of our hosts has such healthy lifestyle that we feel ashamed of ours!).

this is d 1st time we r cooking for a host so it was quite exciting for us too! eve is making soup and stir fry vegetables n i'm making curry chicken. Hilgien was home before dinner was ready. but she was extremely happy to see us cook. she says it's d 1st time ever that she come home to d smell of food in her kitchen (since she moved to this apartment). she was taking photos of us cooking n all.

she was very happy with our dinner n told us we are most welcomed to stay another week as long as we can cook for her! i wasnt too happy with d curry as i bought packet curry paste n it didnt taste very good n it was a tad bit too watery! but it was acceptable i guess. n d most important thing is my host enjoyed it!

Hilgien dropped us at a beach near her place after dinner. d beach was fairly quiet with a few joggers n dogs walkers. we managed to watch d beautiful sunset. awesome!

o yes, i made a new friend in d city today. he's really cute and i fell in love with him immediately. here's our photo.

permalink written by  wangyng on April 14, 2008 from The Hague, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Sunset, TheHague, DenHaag and Cooking

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Petone, New Zealand

Look at our awesome sunset.

permalink written by  anna_carey on May 29, 2010 from Petone, New Zealand
from the travel blog: Home
tagged Home, Sunset and Petone

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Now girls... All aboard to Raglan!!

Raglan, New Zealand

What we thought was 2 days tops in our dear town of Paihia quickly turned into 3, then 4... Our new friend Laura had a car and an itinerary to head south hitting all the great spots and surf beaches along the way. Bethany negociated our way into exchanging the cost of petrol and our ability to navigate a map for a shot gun seat and a place for me to wedge in the back of our jelly bean of a car between our packs to read guide books. First stop...Raglan.

This little town, population 2,700, is home to surfers and laid back Kiwis seeking the quiet life. This town is home to 3 famous surf beaches including Whale Bay, Ng.... (I have know idea how to pronounce or spell) and M.... (same).:) These 3 spots are featured in all of the hottest New Zealand surf films.

The first day we arrived, we window shopped and rested in the most zen hostel I have ever seen.

This hostel is located on the bay and equipped with free kayaks, free mountian bikes, a hot tub, infrared sauna, hammocks, freerange eggs for 50 cents and a fully stocked kitchen to prepare our meals. There were even shelves labeled free food that was left behind from other travelers. Sounds strange, I know to us westerners, however, traveling as we, are we seem to get excited over the slightest conveniences.

That evening we bought plastic cups, wine, the NZ equivlent of Rondelle, and crackers and headed over the foot bridge and onto the bay for a 40 minute walk to the famous Ng.... beach to dine and watch the sunset.

That night we learned more about our friend Laura and her past as a bank bond trader in London and exchanged stories of the corporate lives we left behind.

That night we walked back along the beach, plastic cups in hand. Bethany and I practiced our proper English accents and pushed Laura our of her Comfort zone to speak like a Californian.

The next day we lounged, kayaked around the bay and were careful not to go under the footbridge per the instruction of our Hostel Manager, Josh. We took the bikes, the mountian way, to the beach and back, sweat in the sauna and soaked in the spa. Another Great Day in NZ.

permalink written by  Carissa on November 16, 2010 from Raglan, New Zealand
from the travel blog: World Tour Nov. 2010- ?
tagged Sunset and Raglan

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Disney Dali

Dali, China

Trams zipping through the streets, guides on loud speakers. Where am I? I'm in Dali. The mountains are close by to the west causing an early sunset. The lake is visible if on the [new] old city wall. Contruction everywhere. Gorgeous cherry blossoms everywhere, too. Beautiful blue skies & pleasant tempuratures. Could be worse. When do the tours leave???

permalink written by  prrrrl on March 12, 2012 from Dali, China
from the travel blog: Yunnan, China
tagged Lake, Sunset, CityWall and Trams

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