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Perth, Australia

We had been camping in the Karratha overflow which was the Karratha bowling club car park and had looked all around Karratha. We travelled out to Dampier which is about 27km away and had alook over the North West Project which is a mutli company project to extract liquid natural gas from the North West Shelf and transfer to China aong with other countires. It was a huge concern and the information centre showed us just how huge and what a multi billion project it is. I had to do some client business at the ANZ bank but encountered some problems so I reluctantly advised Glenn we would have to stay at that 'luxurious car park' yet another night. All I can say is 'Thank God'. I say this because the next day the truck started making strange noises and a visit to the diesel mechanic meant that we were now looking for a new engine and the prices he was quoting were like telephone numbers. If we had not stayed an extra day we would have been out bush, out of Mobile range, no where near anything so it was a stroke of good luck we were there. The long and short is that this is the end of the Around Australia Trip. We had our truck towed and it is being transported back home and we flew from Karratha to Perth to Melbourne and are now back in our home. This all happened in two days so it was a shock for all of us although Caitlin loved the flying and had all the passengers laughing around her at her excitement at the take off and landing. We had been away for 99 fantastic days but unfortunately did not finish the last two months.

permalink written by  michelle62 on August 9, 2007 from Perth, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
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Back in Gordon

Gordon, Australia

Well we are home and trying to get used to the winter that we have missed. It was lovely to be home and although it is an anti climax that we have not finished the trip. We are still ecstatic as the places we went, the people we met and the experiences we all had as a family were priceless. It doesnt get better than that!!

Or does it????

Well maybe it does ---As soon as I got home on Friday I booked a flight to Hawaii and I am flying there with my sister, Jacinta and Mum in two days for a seven day holiday. Very spontaneous but a great opportunity and after all you only live once. Some of you may be wondering if I will start a new blog for the Hawaiian trip but I think that you have probably had enough of my ramblings for a while.

Thanks for listening and I recommend to you all that to travel around Australia is a must for us all.

Regards for now.


permalink written by  michelle62 on August 12, 2007 from Gordon, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
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This is The End

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As we entered the last few days of our fabulous trip through Indonesia and Malaysia we returned full circle to the starting point, Kuala Lumpur. After all the adventure we decided not to do that much in KL so we can only tell you that the lift to the skybridge on the Petronas Towers was more than quick, that the rain held off for us to see something and that you need to be there around 8.30am maximum in order to get a ticket. Another detail to note is that Joe [our friend in KL] believes that in Riung we had an encounter of the spiritual kind too and he did his best to explain this through other stories and cultural explanations.

Les derniers jours de notre fantastique periple a travers la Malaisie et l'indonesie se sont termines a Kuala Lumpur. Il y avait une seule chose que nous n'avions pas eu le temps de faire lors de notre arrivee, c'etait de monter sur le pont reliant les tours Petronas. C'est chose faite! Il faut s'y prendre assez tot car les tickets sont gratuits et sont servis aux premiers arrives! Le pont est situe au 41eme etage et il faut 41 secondes d'ascenseur pour l'atteindre, rapide! Autre detail, nous avons de nouveau rencontre Joe et en lui racontant notre aventure a Riung, il a immediatement confirme l'hypothese des esprits! Il a tente de nous expliquer les croyances religieuses en Asie du sud-est et ses propres experiences du genre!

So some reflections upon the trip;

Highlights - The Niah Caves and the birds' nest harvesting in Miri! The small island of Sibuan if you really want a lazy day in paradise! Melaka! Komodo National Park for TWO DAYS with an overnight stay on the boat, not just the dragons! Mount Bromo! And finally for the nature lovers, the Kinabatangan River in Sabah! The people of Sabah and Brunei! Brunei!

Meilleurs souvenirs : les grottes de Niah avec ses nids d'hirondelles, l'ile paradisiaque de Sibuan, Malacca, le parc national de Komodo, le mont Bromo et aussi l'impressionnante nature de Sabah que l'on a pu admirer le long de la riviere kinabatangan. Aussi, mention speciale pour la gentillesse des gens rencontres a Sabah et a Brunei!

Us - well this trip has brought a great deal to the both of us and our appartment in Nice seems very much distant now as we each start a new adventure very soon! Travelling for 9 weeks around Indonesia and Malaysia has given us the time and experiences needed to value those next adventures and make some informed decisions. We have certainly been touched by the kindness of the people, especially in Malaysia and particularly Sabah. This has made us feel comfortable and relaxed, the perfect environment for a bit of reflection. Meanwhile, the journey through Indonesia was like a Christmas stocking filled with travel adventures! The differences we found between people, cities, cultures, religions, islands, foods and of course each of their different landscapes is simply incredible! The two countries were a perfect balance for each other and we thoroughly recommend going!!!

Pour finir, on peut dire que ce voyage de 9 semaines s'est deroule comme nous l'avions prevu et sans reelle difficulte. 9 semaines de decouvertes et d'emerveillement! Des souvenirs qui resteront graves pour longtemps dans nos memoires, aussi grace a ce blog. Il a ete enrichissant de rencontrer des gens de divers horizons, d'experimenter la vie locale avec ses differentes religions et cultures, de tester les specialites et d'apprecier les paysages. Nous voulions varier les plaisirs en passant de l'Indonesie a Singapour puis par la Malaisie et enfin Brunei, afin de tenir le rythme. Ce voyage nous aura apporte sur le plan personnel et nous aura beaucoup appris. Nous sommes maintenant prets pour de nouvelles aventures!!

...this is the end!

permalink written by  Lenameets50 on March 4, 2010 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
from the travel blog: Indonesia & Malaysia et al 2010
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