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Miscalculation multiplied by Tu

Beijing, China

I packed an old pair of boots on purpose. I thought I could use them for a hike then leave them behind in China giving me more more luggage space for my return trip. WRONG! They are LL Bean boots meaning I can return them at ANY TIME, in any condition for a refund. But I can't return them if I leave them behind in China. That was miscalculation #1.

Miscalculation #2? [Tu?] They are crumbling under foot and I haven't even started the hike. I took them to a local shoe repair man and he did a great job getting the tread under the toe to re-adhere but the right boot is loosing chunks of the sole from the side & under the heal, not the bottom sole, the cushion between the sole and foot part. Not fixable, he said.

There are actually not that many Miles on these boots. I used them to tramp in Australia & New Zealand [down under 'hiking,' if I remember correctly, is thumbing for a ride and 'tramping' is a walk in nature], hike in Chile and not much more. I think my longest hike/tramp was 80 kilometers in 6 days. Sneakers work fine for most of my woods walking.

Any hoo...

Now I need to run out and buy new hikers before I fly to Yunnan tomorrow AND decide if I want to lug the faulty boots back to the US for the money-back guarantee. :-/

permalink written by  prrrrl on February 28, 2012 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: Beijing I, 2012
tagged Boots, Tread, Hikers, Miscalculation and Tramp

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