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Journey to Lanquin

Panajachel, Guatemala

After spending 3 nights in near Lake Atitlan, we left Panajachel for Coban. The 10 hour journey included a broken down van (Corey had to get out an push), a flat tire and 23 people in a 15 person mini van. Corey shared his lap with several Guatemalan men throughout the journey. We arrived in Coban to a luxurious hotel with fiberglass blankets and a damp matress. After a restful night´s sleep, we travelled north to Lanquin with some fellow Canadians.

We are staying at a lovely place called Ranchero in Lanquin. It´s in an idyllic setting in a lush valley. I´d show some photos, but the wind up internet doesn´t have enough juice to upload photos. We had a great buffet dinner last night. Our first vegetables in a week. It´s raining today, so we´re going to hang out at the hotel and relax.

Tomorrow we´re moving on to Flores and Tikal to see some Mayan ruins.

permalink written by  Corey and Melissa on March 2, 2009 from Panajachel, Guatemala
from the travel blog: Margarita y Discoteca
tagged FiberglassBlankets, Vegetables and BrokenDownVan

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