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Those last days...

Barcelona, Spain

Hey folks...So my time here in Barcelona in starting to wind down. I just realized that I just payed for internet once again...I was try to avoid doing before I had to leave to begin the world adventures with my parents. I am actually excited because I have seen them in about five months! They are coming to Madrid on December 3, 2007. It should be awesome. AWESOME. We are going to be doing the world-wind tour of Europe and everyhting.

The rought plan is

Madrid then off to Sevilla and then Cordoba, Grenada, and some other place. Then back to Madrid then Barcelona then Paris for xmas!!! YEAH BABY! Then London! WOOT.

I am super excited. I am in process of trying to put of the pictures for like the last five months of my life. Be awhere that I have gotten behind. So, it will take me awhile. I hope that I will have it all done soon. SOON I say...

Till Later,

Patrick L. Cavins

permalink written by  Patrick on November 21, 2007 from Barcelona, Spain
from the travel blog: The weekend adventures of the kids at Piedmont High
tagged Barcelona and Yak

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Rat in maze test 4: FAIL!

Lijiang, China

I found the street with restaurants! I made a mental note of where to find the alley that lead to them. Later I suggested to some friends I made at the hostel that we should go for 'barbecue' as that's the local specialty. [Note to US southerners: But do they use vinegar???] They agreed. Two Americans, a Canadian, an Austrian and a Chinese go to dinner. I find the alley that I remember. We walk a ways but don't see any restaurants. We back track to the main alley and continue west. We come to the main square [Market Square complete with a plaque explaining why an odd shaped public space is called a square lest a mathematical object]. Ack! We've gone too far. I was right the first time. We opt to be bold and wander down a new alley that hugs one of the small canals that stripe the city.

We sample deep fried Naxi cheese [it has sugar sprinkled on top], Naxi stewed vegetables, barbecue fish [no vinegar, no tomato based sauce - sacrilege!], Naxi tofu, Naxi crispy yak with mint and other dishes. Apparently here barbecue means salted & dried.

permalink written by  prrrrl on March 3, 2012 from Lijiang, China
from the travel blog: Beijing, 2010 or Liaoning, 2013. They are appear to be mixed up!
tagged Naxi, Canal, Restaurant, Alley, Yak, Friends, Lijiang, Barbecue and Cheese

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