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"Yangshuo is Paradise"

Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo is paradise," according to one street hustler that we made the unfortunate aquaintance with after immediately stepping off the bus from Guilin, after our long sojurn from Zhengzhou to Guilin. Looking at the surroundings it's not hard to believe that this is paradise. I have only been to a couple of cities that can be compared in beauty to Yangshuo. These limestone karsts, as they are called are stunning. They just seem to jut out all over town and the surrounding countryside. The city planners smartly decided to interject the heart of the city in-between a few of these mountains.
For someone who has been dining on Chinese fare for the past couple of weeks, Yangshou can also feel like a culinary paradise. Rachel and I both have really been craving some pizza and western food after immersing ourselves in Chinese food for the two weeks before we came.
We have spent close to the last week biking around the countryside, taking a river cruise and avoiding hustlers. Rachel has even coined the phrase, "You buy or you die," to describe how pushy many of these hustlers are.
The bike rides that we have taken are amazing. We've seen farmers plowing their fields with the help of their water buffalo. We've seen people building bamboo rafts in front of their homes. Again the poverty in the area is pretty stunning compared to western standards. I think the major difference is that at least here people have gorgeous scenery to look at. Rachel's already been posting some of the pictures that we have been taking on our rides. The pictures really speak for themselves.
Tonight we are heading to a light show that was recommended to us by a couple staying in our hostel. Apparently, the same choreographer that engineered the opening ceremony in Beijing this past summer also designed this show. We'll see. Hope everyone is doing well. Were off to Hanoi tomorrow!


permalink written by  zachel on March 22, 2009 from Yangshuo, China
from the travel blog: Zack and Rachel's Asian Chronicles
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Yangshuo Beer Fish

Yangshuo, China

So we have been traveling from Beijing, Xi'an and Guilin, next stop is Shanghai. And now I am in Yangshuo, hunting for something spicy and yummy. It is a bit of troublesome coz all you can see is shop owners waving hello and yelling for you to come sit at their table. How can one tell is it worthy or not? Anyway, I try my luck at a restaurant called Meijie Beer Fish Restaurant.
Beer Fish is Yangshuo's signature, if not counting the Li River. It is made of fish (mostly carp), beer, tomatoes, pepper and side ingredients of a garnish of parsley, garlic and fried peanuts. The carp is cooked with scale, firstly deep fried, so the scale is crunchy and tasty.
The fish has a strong scent of beer, a local brand, Liquan (meaning Li River Spring).
I must say I am a big fan of this dish after this meal! For the rest of my tour, I couldn't get the taste out of my mind so I try cooking it once I get home. However, something is not the same without a view outside my window.
(For ones who are interested, the 12-day trip is 1750 USD with domestic flights and 4-star hotels included. http://chturl.com/iu2i2u)

permalink written by  PeggieLV on July 24, 2013 from Yangshuo, China
from the travel blog: Yangshuo Yummy Hunt
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