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This is how I roll.....
Turkey Travels

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November in London Town

London, United Kingdom

So, after the week of drinking I took a few days off it. Mainly so I could stay at home with the cats as I couldn't bear much more clearing up of mess. And also to provide a gentle break before a weekend with my uni ladies.

It was all set - I was leaving the cats Friday morning, with my 2 weeks worth of belongings, spending the day trying not to get too excited, and then hot-footing it from work back to the flat to anticipate the arrival of Helen.

Unfortunately she got stuck in some rather annoying traffic at the Northampton end, so I had to start drinking on my own (a real struggle...). But she arrived, and we nipped over to Fine Burger Co to get a takeaway, stock up on bevvies, and begin a delicious night sitting on the sofa, chatting, drinking, and looking at various hen, wedding, fun time photos! It was a dream. We sat on the sofa for about 4 hours without even moving. No radio, no tv, just the old poota and our chit chat!

It was on the Saturday night that things got really amusing...

Following our night on the sofa (delightful but a little sedate) we really started to ham it up on saturday night. Drinking commenced with getting ready... Please see below how this turned out...

As you can see, we were clearly already on the road to overexcitement. And then we went out in public.
We went to Mem and Laz, and somewhere along the line, we decided to start a photo shoot. With Austin Powers in mind (god knows why), and a little bit of Friends... I suggested that Jen and Jess, (opposite Helen and I) should 'look down.....look down'.... and then suddenly look up to Helen or I shouting a 'thing or action'. For example... Look down....... MONKEY. And so you have to look up and do a monkey impression.

Now on suggestion of this, I discovered that this is also an 'America's Next top Model' technique. I am clearly down with the kids! So after some initial resistance, it turned out to be HIGHLY amusing. And by the time I looked around the restaurant an hour or so later, yes, we were almost the only ones left. I can't think why.........

This was the best, yet also the worst. Read the captions. I have no idea if Jess even understands English!

As you can see, we are not pretty, not sexy. I have a couple more shockers that I will add too, although I have no idea why! Hmmmm!

So, after dinner we decided to go to a bar, but following this much hilarity; it was a let down. Huge! So instead, we then went to petrol station to see if we could but more booze for the flat. No - we ended up with some chocolate!

And then asked the lovely man behind the glass screen to oblige us by taking a picture!
Bloody brilliant!

I think this actually concludes the evening of London Town 13th November 2010! Well actually we got home and ate the chocolate and then skyped Emma. Helen fell asleep and everyone else was rambling crap!
A joyeous night was had by all. And we were even still excited when we were woken up in the morning by this...

A freaking marching band for Remembrance Day! It was very exciting and made me want to join 'the community' a little bit! But that also involves all sorts of friendliness amongst neighbours, which I am not sure London is all about!!

  • So a few more little November happenings to follow fun time frankie weekends....

    We had a work team social the monday night following the above, and we ended up in The George Inn just off Borough High Street. It is one of the oldest inns in the the UK. I have been there before - fun times. So there we are having a cheeky pint after dinner (I was only going to stay for one... coughlastbushomecough) and this little creature came to join us...

    Literally ran around the floor, into a random's foot, under a table, back out again, around the floor, and then stopped for this photoshoot! I was a little unsure that mice should be part of pub furniture, so I informed a member of the bar staff, but then I got a little upset when he told me he knew, and rentokil were arriving the next day.... :-| I like to think that Colin survived, and has just enjoyed a festive season full of cheese.....

  • Next up is something that I spied on my travels to work and I wanted to ring you immediately....

    There I am, walking across the Millennium Bridge, as per... and this guy is hunched up, lying on the floor with some kind of artist materials around him. I obviously looked - natch - but could not seem to see any artwork. It wasn't until I moseyed a little further along the river that something coloured caught my eye...

    On closer inspection this is what I spied at various intervals on the floor on the bridge.

    To gain perspective, they are about 2cm x 2cm, maybe 3cm at a push! I was so amazed by my discovery that I took pictures and discussed at work. I was there informed that yes, it was artwork, and it is actually chewing gum. Well 'on' chewing gum! A random artist paints on bits of discarded old chewing gum around the city. And that morning he had clearly chosen the Millennium Bridge! RANDOM!!!

    I think this was the same week I was working a tad late (only about 6.30ish, don't moan), and I had a small glue gun incident.....
    I was using it to make boards, and a bit of hot glue blobbed in the wrong place. Despite knowing it was hot, as I have just discussed, I appear to have decided to totally forget this, and just 'wipe up the blob' with my finger.....

    It was hot :-( 'Nuff said!

  • So then there was a weekend down in Camber with Faye, some of her friends and Spencer. As Jazzy wasn't there, I got to share a bed with Faye and wonder with shock how she actually has the energy to get up everytime Spencer cries in the night. I wanted to help, but my body just wouldn't let me. A few mumbles 'areyouoksleepcrygroan' and I was off on the dream bus again. Faye left rocking crying baby to sleep.
    I was a lot more enthusiastic in the morning, and was even happy to play...

    Morning was then followed by more looking after and playing and general cuteness...

    It was on this trip that I discovered a new food type treat in M+S - Mini shortbread biscuits. Like Nana and Grandad.. but small size for you. Amazing!

    Faye also sent me this amazingly cute picture of Spencer that I want to share...

    I think that concludes most of my London/England November times. There was a Lurkey trip which will be updated in due time!

    Oh, apart from one cheeky luncheon just before November was out. I met up with an old supplier called Andrew Krisson - on St Andrew's Day (30th November) - apt - and had a delicious Chish and Fips (ps - i looooved the photo from your blogatrog!)
    He possibly thought I as a bit odd taking a picture in the restaurant, but hey, people should know me by now!!

    Anyhoo, enough of November, see you soon for December times!

    Luff luff.

    permalink written by  Lejjy on December 27, 2010 from London, United Kingdom
    from the travel blog: This is how I roll.....
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    A few highlights of Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey

    So, whilst on my first travel to Turkey we went to a rather posh hotel, and Sibel introduced me to Turkish Coffee. I couldn't help but take a photo of the beauteous array that was delivered.....

    Following my delicious discovery of Turkish coffee, (strong!) I thought I would continue the local cuisine and I saw halloumi on the menu (we love a bit of halloumi!). It was on the menu disguised in a salad - but who wants salad?! So I asked the rather confroosed waiter if I could just have 'halloumi and bread please'. He got there in the end and I was delighted with my arrival....

    Next up Sibel took me into a local deli - baklava everywhere. But despite appearances, I revisted later on my own, bought a selection of said baklava.... I wasn't impressed. I will stick to halloumi in the future!!

    Oh yes, we also had quite a disastrous day on our first trip (before my disastrous early departure, but no need to talk about that!!). So we were quite happily visiting hotels, doing research, pretending that we were planning Sibel's wedding, so needed to see the facilities and the ballrooms..... (natch), and then we went to the bar. To get a drink. What followed was a conversation between Sibel and the barmaid (in Turkish), leaving Sibel looking wholly distressed.
    It was a day of national vote.
    So it was illegal to serve alcohol.
    WHAT THE HELL?! Now before this discovery, I was not even particularly bothered about having an alcoholic beverage, but now that I 'couldn't'.. I neeeeeeded a drink! This desire proceeded to consume Sibel and I for the rest of the day, until the glorious happened... we found a dodgy bar down a side street that was still serving. WOOO HOOOOO! I was a chuffed bunny.

  • **

  • So now onto my next trip to Turkey - Antalya.
    Look at the weather!

    Mahoosive thunder storms! We were in a trade fair, and I was actually quite scared to leave. Thankfully in true tropical fashion, half an hour later, the sun came out and I needed sunglasses!
    It was really weird being in the South - it is like a holiday resort and it made me think I haven't been on a holiday like that for aaages. Since Santorini..... fun times! In fact, I just downloaded all my pics the other day to my new poota, look look... remember Kefalonia... Oh, I will have to add that pic later, cos I can't leave this page now!
    I am back now...

    Anyway, back to Turkey.
    The bad weather led to more drinking by Sibel and I...

    which then led to drinking and smoking the hashisha......

    which of course led to more food.....

    Woop woop!

    I was only momentarily distracted from the food, wine, and hashish, by the pussy cat that appeared under the next table, and meeowed continuously until we gave it attention. I was slightly concerned about rabies and fleas, but I did throw it some bread!!!!!

    Anyway, that is all of my turkey trips to date. I will be out there again in a few weeks, so I will try and collect more photos. maybe I should try something other than food and drinking....?? I don't even know what that would be!!

    Luffffffff to you.


    permalink written by  Lejjy on November 6, 2010 from Istanbul, Turkey
    from the travel blog: Turkey Travels
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    Some more rolling..

    London, United Kingdom

    So a few more rollings...

    Lizzie's leaving party.....

    This is moi, et Lizzerine, et my new housemate Leila...

    Ooh, ooh, and I had a big work luncheon thing the other day at The Dorchester. It is an annual affair, and you get invited by suppliers. Neil from Tektura (Dad's monday night homie) took me. I was completely stressing about dressage, as I there was a very high possibility there would be a high RPW contingent there. So I needed a good dress. After much stressing the weekend before, I bought 2 dresses. But by Tuesday I was quite convinced that these would just not do, so I needed another. This was impounded by the complete trauma and stress I was having with the cats. So one distressed email to mum later and I had instructed her she was buying me a new dress. Please see below... It went down a treat at lunch, woop! In other news, the event went fine, and everyone thought I looked really good! Yay!!

  • **

  • I told you about Lou's birthday weekend the other week - amazing. I found this photo on my phone, which could perhaps explain the drunkenness!
    Desert..... Vodka jelly and ice cream! Amazing!

    Did I also tell you that Caroline, Blue and kids came over from France a couple of weeks ago...? I saw them last weekend and the weekend before and met baby Tilly - look how cute.

    And in Caz's words - not mine - she is so fat!!
    She is so cute, she is like a cute little ball. And so placid. Just sits there chilling out. Not fazed at all! Adoreeeebl!

    And Spencer looks like a full on grown up compared to Tilly!

    I had a dream last night that I had a baby. It was a girl, and she was only about 6 months, but she cold talk. She was called Ukek or something like that! (I must have been to Turkey too many times!) She was actually really cute..... Maybe I want one!?!
    I think what really happened was my brain getting fried by having to look after 3 'babies' while the Linz is away. I have to clear up Bailey's toilet habits every morning, and evening. It takes so long, it is like having a child! Maybe I should get a nappy for Bailey! I am purposely staying in all day to give them some love, and the back door will be open most of the day. But you can guarantee, as soon as I go out tonight for dinner (with the turd), Bailey will go upstairs and wee in the bathroom. Last night, I got home..... "why poo in the litter tray when there is a perfectly good floor to poo on?!!!" I mean seriously, Bailey - why go up to the bathroom, and poo NEXT to the litter tray?

    Anyway, while on the subject (ish) of babies, maybe I should advertise a few more pics of beauteous Spencer...

    Faye just sent me this one yesterday. He looks so different - I hardly even recognise him!

    I think that is most my rolling. Apart from my horrific hangover on Thursday morning. We had a work party on Wed night, with the whole office, so we could all meet the newbies (which I am one of, of course). Anyway, I proceeded to get absolutely hammered, and tragically, a few of us ended up in Belushis. If you are not familiar with this monstrosity...well done! It is a tacky bar in Borough High St, joined onto a hostel - I sure you can imagine the kind - so it is really cheap, and full of travellers getting pissed. Well, we joined right in!
    I got into work Thursday morn, and one of the guys who had left earlier, was like 'oh I heard you had fun doing karaoke' to which i started replying 'I DID NOT DO KAR...... OH GOD, I DID KARAOKE'. It was a shocker Tron, I don't even like karaoke! Of course we picked a classic, Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer, but still. Wendy..... karaoke and drunkenness at your new office - NOT COOL!!

    And the luncheon I was telling you about was on Thursday - so you can imagine how horrific I felt rocking up at 12.30 to the champagne reception, swiftly followed by a lot of red wine. I was sitting at the table - silver service and everything - popping aspirin washed down by wine. It was not pretty!! My table AND the table next to me were laughing at me. But apparently I was disguising it well, as I still had lots of 'you look so well' from other suppliers! It wasn't until about 7pm that I actually felt like a human again.
    Surprisingly yesterday (Friday) I felt fine!!

    I just chilling at the Linz's today - Saturday, but I think Dom might be around later, so he is going to swing by if he can. He broke up with Augusta, so he is sad.
    I went into the co-op yesty to get some dinner (as of course mum didnt buy me any supplies) and they had christmas chocolate. Look what I spied... a polar bear. I would have purchased, but it is milkybar, and who really likes white chocolate?!

    Anyhoo, enough rolling for now. I would like some NZ updates please. I hope you are having fun on stray - what is it like?

    Big kisses to you both.


    permalink written by  Lejjy on November 6, 2010 from London, United Kingdom
    from the travel blog: This is how I roll.....
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    Coops' and Bets' leaving party.

    London, United Kingdom

    Tronny - I have put photos from your leaving party on the poota - and here are a choice few. Love you.

    More 'This is how I roll' later!


    permalink written by  Lejjy on September 4, 2010 from London, United Kingdom
    from the travel blog: This is how I roll.....
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