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Mexico - 2005

a travel blog by Flusher

Me and my girlfriend decided to take a trip to Mexico, summer 2005...so we went in the end of june and stayed there for 1 month, we needed to break with our daily patterns in our cold motherland, Norway..although it was 30 degrees in Oslo when we flew away.. :)

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Forde, were we live

Forde, Norway

Our home town, starting place.

permalink written by  Flusher on June 22, 2005 from Forde, Norway
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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Oslo, Norway

Ok, Mexico, here we come!

permalink written by  Flusher on June 23, 2005 from Oslo, Norway
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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Mexico, here we are!

Mexico, Mexico

Finally we are here! After a 2 hour flight from Oslo to London, Heathrow (were we had to wait for 4 hours), and finally a 12 hour nonstop flight to Mexico City.

I really thought that it was a bit more space for my legs on a jumbo-jet! I had to crunch my legs for 12 loong hours..ouch! My daughter Emilie, 4 years old, managed the trip better than i had expected, she loved flying! :)

When we descended and landed in Mexico, the pilot says: "Well, i hope you remembered your 'brellas, because it's a rainy day!". I thought, cheezez! We have travelled around the globe for sun..and here it is raining..?!

We got on the bus, which was extremely good standard in Mexico! Now, a 3 hour bus-trip lay ahead. Our destination was Tequesquepan (or something like that).
When we arrived, me, Monica (my girlfriend) and Emilie (our daughter) fell asleep within 1 minute! Exhausted from 26 hours transportation.

permalink written by  Flusher on June 24, 2005 from Mexico, Mexico
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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Bernal, Mexico

Bernal is a small, cozy town. The main attraction here is a mountain that people claim to give people energy.
Very many people travelled around the world just to climb this mountain.

..a nice town :)

On our way back, we visited an aqualand, you can see me throwing my girlfriends mexican cousin up in the air :)
I also set out a glass of soda, the vasps got crazy! hehe :)

permalink written by  Flusher on June 26, 2005 from Bernal, Mexico
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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On our way to the pacific ocean

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Arriving the town of San Miguel, my girlfriend had a stumache. We got a tip from local mexicans to buy a lime and soda-water. She cut the lime in 2 and squeezed out the juice, drank the water and juice. About 15 minutes later, the stumache was gone!

San Miguel was a really nice town. Many narrow streets, with cafe's and small markets all over. It also has a famous catedral (picture), this was amazing architecture, really nice!

On our second day in San Miguel, we took the bus to a town called Guanajuato. Here we went to a mummy-museum. It was interesting enough, but we felt that we had been there before..this was because we visited a similaer museum in London the year before...but the town is worth a visit!

We also spent a day just wondering around in San Miguel, we liked the town very much, very nice, with a pretty big marketplace.

Well, time to pack again, next stop is Morelia!

permalink written by  Flusher on June 28, 2005 from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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Morelia, Mexico

Just chilling 1 day in Morelia...We also booked a 6 day stay in Ixtapa. This will be our first meeting with the Pacific Ocean...ahhh...looking forward to the beaches :)))

permalink written by  Flusher on July 1, 2005 from Morelia, Mexico
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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Ixtapa, Pacific Ocean - Here we are!

Ixtapa, Mexico

Oh my god! This must be heaven!
Just arrived in Ixtapa, a small town 3 hours north of Acapulco, on the pacific coastline of Mexico.

When we walked out of the air-conditioned bus, we were met by a WALL of warmth and high humidity! But we loved it!
We checked in on a fantastic luxurious hotel (Hotel Emporio). Now we had 6 days on this hotel, all-inclusive :)

We went down to the beach immediately! After about 15 minutes something tragic happened. A women on the beach started screaming, hysterically! we knew that something terribly bad had happened, swimming guards ran out and started swimming out to look for someone. 15 minutes later, they came back to land with a 16 year old boy, dead...a tragic start on our first week on the beach..

The next day, we went out on Ixtapa Island to snorkle and chill. When i had snorkled about 10 minutes, we were ordered to get back on the mainland, the reason for this was a hurricane-warning! The hurricane never came..

The next 4 days we just relaxed and chilled on the beach in Ixtapa - wonderful days :)

permalink written by  Flusher on July 2, 2005 from Ixtapa, Mexico
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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Hola Acapulco!

Acapulco de Juarez, Mexico

After a fabulous week in Ixtapa, we have now travelled 4 hours with bus further south, to Acapulco.
I had heard about this town, a populaer holiday destination for Americans in the 70's.
The temperature is the same as Ixtapa, about 40 degrees celsius.

Acapulco was a big city, much more "western" than any other mexican city we had visited so far. It had McDonalds, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood etc..It was a cool shopping city!

A strange thing about the city: All the cabs are Volkswagen bubbles!

Laying on the beach in Acapulco for white people is very disturbing! We were approached by sellers every 30 second, it's true! We got sick of it, so we decided to take the bus to a laguna-area a little bit north of the city: Pie de la Cuesta.

But we also saw the "real" Mexico here, very dirty streets and backyards..! VERY dirty!

Here we relaxed 2 days on a distant beach with no other toursits! It was nice, but we got a bit "lonely" here, so we decided to go back to Acapulco for 1 day before our next target, Taxco.

permalink written by  Flusher on July 9, 2005 from Acapulco de Juarez, Mexico
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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Ooooh, diarrhoea

Acapulco de Juarez, Mexico

We had to stay in Acapulco for more than 1 day..I got diarrhoea! :(
I was stuck in bed for 2 days, while my Monica and Emilie enjoyed the city and the pool area on our hotel.

On the third day we managed to get on the bus towards Taxco.

permalink written by  Flusher on July 13, 2005 from Acapulco de Juarez, Mexico
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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Silver city Taxco!

Taxco, Mexico

Monica really looked forward to this town! It is the silver capital of the world! And i must say, it really lived up to it's name. I have never seen this many silver-shops in my life, it's more silver-shops than cafe's and restaurants x 2!

Of course, this is any girls' Paradise :) I bought a couple of silver rings and stuff myself, and Monica bought more of course:)

The town was nice and cozy, very narrow streets . It's a very strange feeling to wonder around in the town, because it is situated in a steep rise (bad english?), and with the narrow streets and the steep rise, it's kinda special to observe the traffic and the architecture.
Example of a corner in Taxco:

Again, the cabs are ALL Volkswagen bubbles, here you can see the rear end of one of them:

permalink written by  Flusher on July 16, 2005 from Taxco, Mexico
from the travel blog: Mexico - 2005
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