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Been there, Dan that!

a travel blog by Dan

Well, i'm off to wing it in China for a while, there is some structure to my plans i'm just not sure what they are yet! Thats not entirely true, i'm hopeing to do a bit of teaching somwhere whilst i'm out there and i fully intend to land in a plane in Hong Kong, see i've got loads of plans!!!
it'll be reet mum...

note: the name has changed again, for the last time i promise!

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Berlin, Germany

As the Chinaman said whilst jumping out of a bush...
Im supposed to be in Poland, at least thats what the olds think but they are coming to meet me in Berlin tomorrow (on the overnight train as we speak) and I have sneakily got here early to scare the willys out of them at the station tomorrow and thoroughly ruin mothers itinerary. Mwahahaha!

permalink written by  Dan on November 26, 2008 from Berlin, Germany
from the travel blog: Been there, Dan that!
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Last Stop

Berlin, Germany

So the surprise was successful and no heart attacks occurred. We had a really good long weekend in Berlin, obviously there is a lot of history here and we discovered a good way of getting round was on a walking tour. The chaps who run them take you to all the important landmarks along with a few other lesser known spots. We did one on the 3rd Reich and saw all the important areas in the Nazi regime including Hitler’s bunker which is now a car park, was quite a weird feeling being there.
Saw a few Museums too including Checkpoint Charlie which was very interesting but a bit dated and swamped with information in contrast the Holocaust memorial museum positioned underneath an amazing memorial was really well thought out and beautifully presented.
As a complete contrast we also went to the Pergamum Museum which holds huge bits of ancient architecture that was moved to Berlin in the early 20th century. It includes the Ishtar gate which is part of the walls of Babylon from around 600BC.
The parents got one back on me on the surprise stakes on Saturday as Helen turned up after saying she wasn't going to be able to make it.
I have yet to mention the Christmas markets, they where lovely and much Gluwein was consumed.
Train back to England on the Tuesday was really lovely even had a sink in the cabin. The train from Berlin stopped at Brussels where we got the Eurostar to London then the train to Doncaster and a local train to Sheffield. Took about 16 hours to get across which is pretty quick.

permalink written by  Dan on November 30, 2008 from Berlin, Germany
from the travel blog: Been there, Dan that!
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Sheffield, United Kingdom

12pm on a quiet Tuesday and we arrive at Sheffield station and little has changed, except there’s lots of building work... er, yeah like I say nothings changed. Arrive home and greeted by a plump looking old cat, go and collect the dog from Kennels, yes she's still alive defying all medical predictions, she looks kind of like a table though or maybe a zombie, I cant decide, zombie table it is!
Its great to be home actually I can finally put my bag down, the straps have begun to really dig in to my shoulders oh and draws now I have more than 3 t-shirts to choose from. Mind you a fair few seem to be fairly baggy!

Well its been pretty epic hasn't it and I really have enjoyed almost all of it, in fact the only hard times I had where all involved in getting visas especially during those 2 weeks in Thailand. I was expecting at least a months worth of depression and home sickness but once I got going it was honestly pretty easy. The travelling around was a fair bit simpler than I had imagined too and I didn't get sick until 'Stalins Mayonnaise' got hold of my guts.

If you have a bit of spare time I'd certainly recommend you get over there, I know that’s easy for me to say having no commitments here and all but seriously should you ever get the opportunity.

I suppose you'd like to know haw much I spent.
Well I was budgeting on around about £500 a month including stopping for at least 3 months and working. I managed this for the first 3 months and then obviously when I stopped and got payed all was going swimmingly. When I got to SE Asian though things where more expensive than I expected and the Russian 2 weeks alone cost about a grand so in the end I spent £5000 in 9 months, remember though I was only on the road for 6 and a half. So not the most frugal of travelers but then I did spend nearly £400 on the scuba and like I said the Russian bit was a bit of a drain. Don't regret a bit of it though despite the fact I am now penniless and relying on the fabulous interest rates at the bank of Mum and Dad.

Crikey I’m tired too this travelling malarkey really knackering... think I need a holiday!!!

permalink written by  Dan on December 2, 2008 from Sheffield, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Been there, Dan that!
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