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Black Mountain

Myddfai, United Kingdom

Myddfai is a really small place south of Llandovery, home to the 6 mile or so single lane track which is the only way into the Beautiful Black Mountain in the west area of the Brecon Beacons. Whereas every other 4 legged thing was a 4 x 4 jobbie I was stuck in my Corsa faced with the sort of road that makes the one to the Isle of Skye seem tame. Picture a 6 mile rollercoaster complete with dodgy track, hedges and sheep and you've pretty much got it. I didn't know what 'get out the bloody way' was in Welsh so spent 10 minutes waiting for a fluffy family of four to trundle along into the nearest Field.

As long as you're prepared to do plenty of reversing to let the various middle classes in their land rovers to pass and u turns when you realise you've ended up in someone's farm it's well worth making the journey. If you need a pee whilst travelling, go on one of the service stations before jnct 32 on the M4, or stop of in Llandovery (just make sure you've got 20p handy).

I've still got no idea which bit I climbed was Black mountain, there are 4 sort of peaks and I got to the one that looked the highest so I guess that was it. Unlike Snowdon which gave me fog at the top the views from the top of Black mountain are spectacular. Best view is across Llyn y fan fach which you circle on your way to the top. If you going on a warm day take 3 pairs of socks and 3 tops, 1 for the drive there, 1 for the climb and one for the drive back and don't forget to cool your feet off in the stream on the way back. This is also King Arthur territory so have a look for the lady in the lake while you're down there :)

Rossifer x

permalink written by  rossifer on May 31, 2009 from Myddfai, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: rossifer's Travel Blog
tagged BlackMountain, Myddfai and Sheep

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Saint Helier, Jersey

My first solo trip, Jersey was I guess the start of thinking differently about travel. I now had a new sense of freedom, I could go anywhere and do anything, all at my own pace.
For those of you who haven't been, Jersey is a beautiful British island with a strong french influence throughout. Half of the Island's place names are in french including a road called Val Plaisant, don't ask me why but I loved the name of it. It's one of those places that you can't imagine it ever raining and you fall in love with it because of it. I love getting a good soaking but not whilst on holiday, there's an unwritten rule that it just shouldn't happen whilst you're away.
If you love walking then go to Jersey. The streets in the mini towns are always worth a look but the real joy comes from doing the beaches on the south or west coast or my favourite, the somewhat ardous 2 mile cliff walk on the north from Greve de Lecq to Plemont Bay. I came across this by accident as I picked the only day the bus didn't go to Plemont. The cliff walk has loads of hidden paths leading towards the sea, have a look for these as there are some fantastic caves worth checking out if you're feeling daring and energetic.
For all you tourists out there, check out the Jersey Pottery, War caves and Montgorleil Castle, any sun worshippers will spend all their time on the long west coast beach and everyone else really should check out Plemont bay, just to get a glimpse of the fantastic hidden waterfall at the end of it.

Rossifer x

permalink written by  rossifer on April 21, 2008 from Saint Helier, Jersey
from the travel blog: rossifer's Travel Blog
tagged Jersey, Helier, Plemont and Greve

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