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Walking like an Egyptian.

Cairo, Egypt

The ancient Pyramids are truly amazing but what is even more amazing is how the drivers in Cairo manage to stay alive on the roads... They are crazy!! The lines as we have been told and we believe them 100% are for decoration purposes only. People beep their horn every few seconds, to let people know that they are coming up behind them, or merging in front of them. We held on for dear life all the way from the airport to the hotel.

We can see the pyramids from our hotel, we went for a walk to them on the first day, it was supposed to be a nice relaxing walk but was anything but that. From the time we stepped out of our hotel we were asked if we wanted to get into a taxi every few steps. It only got worse as we got closer to the ancient monuments we came to see. Instead of seeing if we wanted to get into taxis we were asked if we wanted camel or donkey rides. We had a quick look at the Great Pyramid of Giza and dodged all the people asking us if we wanted a ride in their taxi until we were back behind the doors of the hotel. We had a shadow most of the way in the form of a Tourist Police Officer, he made sure we were not in any danger and helped us cross the road.

The following day we checked out the pyramids properly, even getting to go deep into the burial chamber of the second pyramid in Giza. We had to crouch the whole way into the belly of the pyramid and while doing the crab walk back out we passed a little old lady going in, everytime she took a step she forgot that if she lifted her head she would bump it on the ceiling of the narrow tunnel. We are wondering if she made it back out alive or if that burial chamber will also be the final resting place of the old lady too...

We also got a tour of the Sphinx (which is not as big as we imagined it to be) and the first ever pyramid built in Ancient Egypt – The Step Pyramid.

We also learned the ancient art of carpet and rug making and papyrus making. Even picking up a few different souvenirs along the way.

Buying souvenirs in Egypt is not a hard thing to do, where ever you go people are trying to sell you cheap nic-nacs, they even want money for photographing their camel or donkey.

Some one offered 1500 cows in exchange for Corrine, not sure who would be getting the better deal.

We are now waiting to leave for the train station where we are catching a sleeper train down to Luxor and Aswan to see the valley of the kings.

Blog you later.

permalink written by  craigandcorrine on December 15, 2009 from Cairo, Egypt
from the travel blog: World Tour
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Thats a pretty good deal Craig, you should consider it ;) One cow in exchange for 1500!

PS love you Corrine :)

permalink written by  Rosanne Cross on December 19, 2009

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