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Thanks For The Comments

Shenzhen, China

It takes a while to post these blogs and so I hope they are descriptive enough for everyone. Let me know if you have any suggestions. This is my first blog ever so I have a lot to learn.

Just as an FYI, FB is completely off limits here in China. I am receiving many notes from my gmail account saying that people are posting on my wall but I can't access the site. There are back doors for access but I'm not interested in doing that. I am having my sister access my account to let everyone know.

I know many people are looking based on the counter I put on that I can see but you can't. I just want to say I appreciate those looking as well as the comments. Even if you look and don't comment I find that pretty cool. While I enjoy reading the comments, everyone has a life. If you have the time, then feel free. Just enjoy. I'll do my best to keep it light, add some of my sick humor, and capture some serious stuff as well. Whatever happens here happens. That's the joy of this adventure. I have no idea what will happen next! This place is awesome and I hope others will find this trip through my eyes and damaged mind exciting enough to make their own plans to visit.

Oh yeah, one more thing.


You're Cool
permalink written by  akstoltzy on May 29, 2010 from Shenzhen, China
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OH YEAH...GO HAWKS from China!!!! We put a Blackhawks flag up outside the House to show our spirit. My favorite player is Byfuglien...Big Buff!!! Can you access the games at all? I'm glad you can see how many people are viewing...I think your friend, Dana and myself, are the only ones commenting! :) We have the weekend off from sports, which is the first weekend off probably since last summer. I promise I'll install skype..just haven't had the chance yet.
It's already morning where you are..keep posting pics and blogging, love it! :)

permalink written by  Lori...again. on May 28, 2010

Hey Tom,
Sounds like you are having a great time. Love all the pictures you are posting. HOpe you are staying safe and enjoying your time. How much longer are you there for? Take Care, Jousette

permalink written by  Jousette McKeel on May 29, 2010

You are just amazing! Your blog is such a good read and I am just loving how your sense of humor comes through. Your words paint such rich picture of all your experiences! Keep it up... we are hanging on every word!

permalink written by  tsanchez on May 29, 2010

You are doing an outstanding job with your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying your writings and pictures. Thanks for taking us on your vacation , looking forward to reading more.

permalink written by  ospreydive on May 29, 2010

One down, three to go!!!!

permalink written by  Lori on May 29, 2010

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