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Dinner and Tango

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina

After our long days of hiking we were looking forward to enjoying some city time. We had heard that Buenos Aires was the nicest city in South America with lovely European influences and we were certainly not disappointed!

We spent most of our days just wandering around the beautiful city and looking through all the lovely leather shops. Chris even managed to finally get himself a jacket. We saw the Casa Rosa, which is the parliamentary building where 'Evita' addressed her people.

We also saw many markets full of good quality handicrafts and antiques. What was also fantastic was walking through the streets of Buenos Aires seeing Tango perfomers as well as many fantastic musicians busking. We also had a nice lunch in the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires 'Cate Tortoni' where many famous people come to eat.

The eating in Buenos Aires is certainly the best in South America from what we'd experienced and also very reasonably priced. One night we went to a Tapas restaurant, where all they served were two options for dinner. One a vegetarian option and the other a 'normal' option. This consisted of 15 different dishes brought out over 2-3 hours. We had a bottle of wine to go with it and walked away with change from $20- not bad!!

Another great meal was the purported best steakhouse in Argentina (big claim given how many steakhouses there are here and how good they are). It was expensive by Argentinian standards, but certainly the best steak we've EVER tasted. Certainly worth the money.

Of note as well was the suburb of Recoletta. This is the most swankiest suburb in Buenos Aires and houses the famous Recoletta cemetry where Evita is buried. We only got to have a look from the outside as we were more interested in the markets outside and were really hot! From what we could see though, the cemetry was pretty ornate. All the tomb stones were amazing and like religious shrines. (Don't worry, we're not people who normally look through cemetries, it is a tourist attraction!)

We spent a good 9 days in Buenos Aires relaxing and shopping and generally just enjoying ourselves. We were tired from our journey through South America and spent quite a lot of time reminiscing over what a great trip we had. We were also very much looking forward to coming back to Australia to see our families and friends for Christmas.

Next stop.....Canberra!!

permalink written by  chrishoorweg on December 13, 2007 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina
from the travel blog: and one last trip before we come home.........?
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I'm happy to see that you ordered your steak rare at Las Lilas. Joyce and I both got little "estoy jugoso" pins in ours, and they were our favorite souvenirs of the trip.

I hope this note finds you and Corinne doing well and enjoying your vacation from vacation. We look forward to the next installment. Buen viajes!

All the best,
Mark Conrad (& Joyce Lin-Conrad)

permalink written by  Los Dos Amigos Estadounidenses on January 13, 2008

you are so lucky to visit these nice places...
thank you for posting this, I'm going to go there myself in the nearest future

permalink written by  wow-traveler on October 7, 2009

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