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“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” - Paul Theroux

Shanghai, China

Definitely didn't know where I was today. Took a tour to the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai's equivalent of the Eiffel Tower / Washington Monument / Empire State. I'm not big on touristy things. Although, there was a roller-coaster inside, which was literally one-minute long. Definitely not worth the 25RMB.

After that, we went to the water side, from where you could see the Bund on the other side of the river. (Once again, pointless?) We then headed to the People's Square (Ren2min2 guang3chang3). I was confused as to the purpose of today's travels. I truly don't know where we were today/what significance these places had.

Later the group Split up, and because only the Bank of China accepts traveler's checks, we had to find one. My group was Kat, Luolan, Lauren, Chris, and Niko. After a long hour or so at the bank, we had to eat, so we went to this noodle place, where after we all tried to order different things with our wonderful Chinese, five of us ended up with the exact same thing. It wasn't too bad though, so it wasn't an utter failure.

We then got some ice cream, which was different from American ice cream. Went into some shops, and then some malls and the most interesting thing all day: rode the metro several times. It was really fun, although we did get plenty of stares. Some of the metro stations are right cool, they have underground shops and restaurants and flashy colors. Not cool? The mouse that was running around. I scared everyone around me by yelling "there's a f!cking mouse in the metro station! x2. Even not cooler? The guy who first stepped on the mouse's tail with one foot to keep it from running then stepped on the head with the other foot, trying to kill it. He took his sweet time, you could see the thing squirming underneath the pressure of his foot.

Came back to campus, got a few minutes of rest, then got ready to go out to dinner at the Bund, which after much debate I decided to attend (although I was pooped out.)

Oh, for my faithful readers, last night the doorman that I can't understand came to my room and yelled at me for 5 minutes, saying something about my luggage, and then say something about a phone. I went downstairs with him: turns out that they called the dorm because they needed to get in, they were on campus and bringing my bags! I went outside to meet them in the van, they needed my report and passport so I had to run all the way back to the dorm. When I returned, they dumped my bags outside and left. I didn't have any money to give them; I felt bad but tipping isn't allowed here.

I only had one thought at this moment: MES AFFAIRS! haha.


went to the Bund, got dinner at a restaurant where our server had FREAK ears. She was cute at first, but then she turned into an evil elf at the end of the meal (it could have been because I kept whispering to everyone about her ears, and people would laugh/shudder in horror... or it might have been because we took forever to pay; I prefer to think of the latter).

Dinner at the Bund, we ate on the third floor of a restaurant. Do you know what that means? We walked up two flights of stairs, a moving dinner zoo for all the zhongguoren eating at the restaurant.

After dinner, we got some pijiu on the Bund. I really don't like beer, but it was buy one get one free, so I split with Sarah. Why buy one get one free? We figured it out: the Tigers (brand) were expired. Hao. Two beers later, we got on the metro to zhongshan gongyuan, we were loud and obnoxious, inviting all the stares that we got. We then ran to the next line, only to be told that the metro had closed. We took two taxis back home.

I think tonight we are going out to BonBon. Shi openbar de.

I hope we don't die.

permalink written by  waywardwahoo on May 31, 2008 from Shanghai, China
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