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Beijing, China

The next morning we wake up and have a lovely breakfast in our classy Hotel. A huge buffet which you can be sure I demolished.

After that we decided that it was time to do The Last Emperor thing and visit the Forbidden City. Another absolutely massive place that has been kept well intact for the last 600 years or so (although the paint job looks about 3 years old at the most). A stunning place and it would have been fricking sweet to have been the emperor and the only person allowed to live there. Although after about 10 minutes every building started to look and sound identical, The Hall of Heavenly Peace, The Hall of Earthly Harmony, The Hall of Glorious Constipation... etc....

Once done with that we walked the 45 minutes to the nearest subway station and tried to go to the Olympic Venues, but as we got near there we were told that unless we had a ticket we would only be able to see it from a long distance. We thought that the 40 minute walk to a bridge where we couldn't see the Stadium was a waste of time so we had a beer.

Back to the hotel taxi to the airport and ready for our 9:10pm flight to Ulan Bataar. 9:10 comes and goes as does 10:10, 11:10...

to be continued...

permalink written by  Big_T on August 26, 2008 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: Big_T's Travel Blog
tagged Beijing, ForbiddenCity and Walking

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I'm here & following all with great excitement chaps... now that I have no life of my own I get a certain vicarious thrill out of consuming every detail of your boy's own exploits... 'fun x3' I think they call it...

Please tell me you did the Roger Moore Tour of the Forbidden City!? If not you'll have to go and do it again... arched eyebrow fun x27...

Have a grand old time folks...

Deanu x

permalink written by  Deanu Miura-Hemmingsu on August 29, 2008

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