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Beijing, Day 1

Beijing, China

After a long overnite flight we arrived in Beijing just before morning rush hour. The weather has been reported as "the best in over a month," with nice sun and cool breezes. The pollution and smog are at a minimum and the group is happy to be here for the next few days. We'll be even happier to sneak in a nap here and there.

After a big breakfast we walked through most of the Forbidden City, which is about 2 blocks from our hotel. Despite the massive reconstruction efforts there, the tour went well and it wasn't over crowded. After a few hours there we returned to the hotel. Unfortunately the acupuncture and herb museum was closed for some last minute rennovations. On the way back Robert found a bunch of common medicinal herbs simply growing around the streets and informed us what they are and used for.

After a short break, we went to see a Chinese Acrobat troop perform and had a late dinner before calling it a day. We're all tired but content and happy to be touring together.

Later, some brave travelers ventured down the street from the hotel to the night market, where u can pick up tasty treats like starfish, centipedes, scorpions on a stick...

permalink written by  Benjamin Satterfield on September 14, 2005 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: China Tour Fall 2005
tagged China, Beijing, ForbiddenCity, MedicineMuseum and Acrobats

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Beijing Fling

Beijing, China

Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square and Summer Palace; or go to Great Wall in our first jet-lagged day! We cut out the forbidden city, it was just too much. Hop on the flight for Chengdu.

permalink written by  Benjamin Satterfield on March 18, 2005 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: China Tour Spring 2005
tagged ForbiddenCity, SummerPalace, TianAnMenSquare and GreatWall

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Beijing, China

The next morning we wake up and have a lovely breakfast in our classy Hotel. A huge buffet which you can be sure I demolished.

After that we decided that it was time to do The Last Emperor thing and visit the Forbidden City. Another absolutely massive place that has been kept well intact for the last 600 years or so (although the paint job looks about 3 years old at the most). A stunning place and it would have been fricking sweet to have been the emperor and the only person allowed to live there. Although after about 10 minutes every building started to look and sound identical, The Hall of Heavenly Peace, The Hall of Earthly Harmony, The Hall of Glorious Constipation... etc....

Once done with that we walked the 45 minutes to the nearest subway station and tried to go to the Olympic Venues, but as we got near there we were told that unless we had a ticket we would only be able to see it from a long distance. We thought that the 40 minute walk to a bridge where we couldn't see the Stadium was a waste of time so we had a beer.

Back to the hotel taxi to the airport and ready for our 9:10pm flight to Ulan Bataar. 9:10 comes and goes as does 10:10, 11:10...

to be continued...

permalink written by  Big_T on August 26, 2008 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: Big_T's Travel Blog
tagged Beijing, ForbiddenCity and Walking

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Beijing survival rules

Beijing, China

1. Crossing roads: wait until the green man is flashing, which means run the gauntlet of crazed taxi drivers who consider it double points for pedestrians and triple for westerners!
2. Queuing: actually "ku'ing" is a martial art, only the fastest, meanest, kick ass survive (& the metro underground at rush hour - well it's your funeral).
3 Staring; hey, it's their country, their allowed! You may even be asked to be photographed with them (johny foriegner that you are).
4. Hocking up the phlegm: old blokes, young blokes, women , kids they are all at it. Where ever they are! This must have taken over from ping pong as the national sport.
5. "Hello, do you speak English": the answer to this is "non, francais" otherwise the nice smiley 'language students' will want to take you to a tea shop to practises their English 
with you. Oh yes and a tat shop and a museum and a restaurant and a ... well you get the drift.
6. There are 10 million bicycles in Beijing: and they are all on the sidewalk, again triple points for western tourists!
7. Smile: enjoy the experience - that's why we travel, no?

permalink written by  cuttsy on November 16, 2009 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: cuttsy's big trip
tagged Beijing and ForbiddenCity

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