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TLG VII Or, Hot Pot, ya'll??

Qiaotou, China

Southern Hot Pot! Why order off the menu when the staff is eating wonderfully warm hot pot one table over. We only get spicy dipping sauce, not the sesame and/or spicy they offer in Beijing, the home of hot pot. [I'm guessing on that one but it is a Northern dish.] Veggies and organs are washed & chopped and in tubs on one of the restaurant tables, of these we can help ourselves. We are given the choice of Chicken, bones in, or beef for the stock. No lamb? We are definitely not in the North! The green veggies are numerous but the scallios disappear before I can grab a plateful. There are glass noodles, too - a favorite of mine. We eat till stuffed. Aaaaahhhh....

Here, rice is rarely served in individual bowls. A wooden bucket, or large bowl of rice is placed on the table for all to share family style. I like it.

permalink written by  prrrrl on March 8, 2012 from Qiaotou, China
from the travel blog: Yunnan, China
tagged Beijing, HotPot, North, FamilyStyle, Organs, Veggies and Scallions

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