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Week 1 - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This first week away has been pretty eventful to say the least. Managed to buy myself some hair straighteners at the airport, so already im feeling more at home! (Thanks Kerry). First day went like a dream, Steve and Martin met me at the airport and brought me back to Tango Hostel in the centre of Buenos Aires. Didn't really know what to expect but it's a lot nicer than i thought it would be. I've found a new love already, Empanadas. Small pastry pockets of joy, my favourite filling so far being Ham & Cheese. As i get into my room to put my backpack away, i meet a couple straight away called Andrew & Phillippa - the maddest people ive ever met! Been pretty much hanging out with them since.

Went for a huge mixed grill at a restaurant nearby on Saturday, then onto a club after with some people from the Hostel, went around 1am, came back at 7:30am - not bad going for my second night! The club was amazing, called Opera Bay as it looks just like the Sydney Opera house. This place had 9 different rooms, all with various music - Jesus what a club... Phillippa, Andrew and i thought it would be a good idea to have a 'Dance off' Starsky & Hutch style, with amusing consequences. A guy tried to stick his tounge down Phillippa's throat as well, so like any good friend would do in a moment of crisis, i punched him. What can i say, im a good friend.

Funniest thing of my trip so far happened the next morning... Phillippa, Andrew and I were quietly minding our own business when we were awoken by a very loud and annoying American girl chatting to our other room mate Keiran at the top of her voice. The next thing i hear, Andrew comes out with a genius way to get this bitch out of our room by shouting 'Get the fuck out of our room or ill piss on your bed, you c#nt', as Phillippa murmered words to that affect in perfect rhythmic tone. The girl gets the picture that we've had literaly no sleep and fucks off out of our room. It wasn't until i looked at my watch, that we realise its actually 4pm in the afternoon, oops! The shutters were down so the room was pitch black. Guilty, us? I also managed to leave my keys to my locker inside the locker itself, and had to use a pair of massive pliers to crack it open again. This is day 3 of my trip, what a dopey C.

Been to see most of the sights in Buenos Aires, the Flower in Recoletta,

National Gallery where there are some amazing Monet and Picasso Sculptures & paintings, cemetry where Evita was buried, the pink building she did her famous speach, an awesome bridge & cow parade... the list goes on.

Met a guy called James the other night, went to a wicked Drum & Base club and partied to the wee hours (i say party, but i don't quite remember), i do however remember the Tequilla, beer wine and whatever else i was drinking to make me be sick though - classy. Anyway, i can't have been that bad, as we went out for the day on Wednesday to see some sights and do some shopping. I think the fact that we both have big chins and share a love for Ham & Cheese Empanadas brought us closer together! Unfortunatley it was his last day, so the friendship was over before it began.

Went to a Tango lesson last night, still feeling ropey to say the least from the wild night before - lets just say i was a natural (as expected). The Tango club after only had OAP's in so i thought it best to go home before i was sick on a granny's lap. And now its Thursday, a bit bummed out because i miss James, Phillippa and Andrew (the big fucking bastards), but im sure ill get over it. The weather is nice mostly, better than England - Hah!

permalink written by  Vegtibbles on June 1, 2006 from Buenos Aires, Argentina
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permalink written by  peter reily on June 2, 2006

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