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Should be in Chile, still in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Made a bit of a boo boo today, well we all did. Firstly i realised that our flight was at 11:30 am 1/6/06, and its already 12 now. So we have all missed our flight because we thought it was tomorrow, for fox sake. Between the three of us, we couldnt work out that our flight was Thursday not Friday! We are in a state of shock by the time the boys come back from La Plata at 6, try and call BA & STA travel, but lines are closed until tomorrow.

To make matters worse, i went to get my hair cut today, looking for a stylish bob... came out looking like a Lesbian Bulider with a penchant for manual labour. I guess no one has died, and my hair will grow back, and it did only cost 6 pounds... SHIT.

But, to make the ordeal more bareable, i did what only i thought i could in this type of situation, go clubbing at a gay bar! Went to a club called 'club 69' (how very apt), completely mad atmosphere. Sex shows on the stage, men teaching Tango in the quiet rooms, breakdancing on the dancefloor. A guy called Nathan who I'd met that evening, commenced to show his breakdancing moves to the professional dancer, with everyone around watching. I've not laughed so hard since James called me a c#nt the day before. Got home around 8am after a wild hip hop tuned grinding session. I will post the pictures as soon as i find an Effing computer with an Effing USB port. Not much to ask is it? For Fox Sake!!

permalink written by  Vegtibbles on June 2, 2006 from Buenos Aires, Argentina
from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
tagged MissedFlight and OnlyOurselvesToBlame

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permalink written by  Beelan on November 15, 2006

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