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Days 18, 19 & 20 - Yupp- (7/5-7/2009)

Cairo, Egypt

So I went back to re-read what I had written about on my last blog, and all I can say is...wtf..haha. Maybe I did have 4...They were pretty big bottles too. I think one bottle was about two.
ok on to what I've been up to the past few days.
this is what's been up.
Today everyone slept in since yesterday was quite the day. Val came and woke me up around 11:00am to tell me that Ronny had gotten really sick so they had to pass on going to the oasis. Later that afternoon Ronny was resting so Val and I headed out to get our plane tickets to Luxor. After walking around trying to find a place that accepted credit cards, we found a place that was too cheap to pass up and so we paid with the cash we had left. So now we have three tickets to
Luxor for the 8th. After getting the tickets Val and I went out to get some dinner which was really good, but the waiter tried charging us for two fish dishes... I only had one.. What is up with Egypt trying to charge us for more then we actually got... ANYWAYS, after that Val needed to get some crackers and pop for Ronny the she and I went to a little outdoor cafe and had some sheesha and chatted. That was pretty much that whole day.
This morning I woke up around 6:30am, the hotel brought my breakfast to my room :) and I packed up to head out on my oasis tour. I left my bag and backpack with Ronny and Val and check out so I wouldn't have to pay for a room I wasn't using (don't worry, I grabbed all my plane tickets and valuables before leaving my bags with strangers). then the hotel driver brought me to the bus station and helped me on my way. In Bahariya my guide met me and and also the 4 others in my group. Four Japanese guys, and one Malaysian guy who joined us last minute. So now us 6 are eating a lunch and soon meet up with a couple from Argentina and off we all go in two jeeps to the black desert. This place was wicked awesome, and we all climbed this huuge mountain to take a photo of the land. After the Black Desert we stopped at a few photo op places and then stopped at a sand dune to mess around and take more pictures and yea. Next we went to Crystal Mountain which is exactly what it's name implies... It was like one giant crystal crystals were everywhere! Then we made it to the white desert and yes it was totally white. We stopped here and took more pictures and messed around then about 30 min further into this part of the desert our jeeps stopped and our two drivers and cook set up camp. The camp was badass. They used the two jeeps as walls making a corner, and set up carpets on posts and rope then hung a couple lights from a rope above it, and made fire. They then put down blankets and mats and two tables and began cooking up a delicious meal. All of us just walked around and took pictures and pretty much just chilled and gazed at the out of this world land that was all around us. After dark dinner was ready so we ate egytpian soup, a vegetable salad, rice, a chicken breast, and egyptian bread and another type of soup. About 20 min into dinner little coyotes started to walk up so we tossed some chicken for them and took a lot of pictures. After dinner we all found a place on the sand to sleep. Our guides handed out a thin mattress and a few blankets and so I pretty much fell asleep in the middle of the desert, 200 miles away from Cairo, listening to deathcab for cutie, under the stars, with a full moon, and absolute silence (I didn't use my blanket cause it wasn't the slightest bit cold.)
This morning, around 6:30am we all woke up, our cook made breakfast, hard boiled eggs and Egyptian bread with jam and cheese and we raced back to the village to catch our bus back to Cairo which is when i realized i lost my glasses back at the hotel where we all met up.... The Asians and I parted ways with the couple from Argentina, and made it back to Cairo where we were let off at the wrong bus station. At this station the Japanese guys and I parted ways with the Malaysian dude and made our way back to the correct part of Cairo where then we parted our ways and I found my way back to my hotel. Then i had the hotel manager call the oasis hotel and ask for my glasses so hopefully someone will bring it with them when they head back to Cairo... I hope... So now I've been chillin' in my room and ready to leave Cairo for Luxor. Oh I also realized my bank fucked up again and started adding and removing money without any notifications...and so now I have roughly 100 dollars less than i expected... dammit... well I may have to skip Mount Sinai... fuck.
Ok well my hour is almost up for internet so i gotta go!

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 7, 2009 from Cairo, Egypt
from the travel blog: 2009 - Kenny Baldridge - "No Reservations"
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Hey you :) I have been reading your blogs. Very interesting trip my friend sounds like a wonderful time. Although... i hate to say it becasue i know i sound like a broken record but you do realize that there are photo uploading options on this blog do you not? where are all of these white sand crystal craziness i am hearing about? and still no pictures!!! you do realize i will be boxing your ears for this when i get home. And as a side note i have a lot of other things to say about your adventures but its kind of hard to write with this connection here being what it is. So overall i just wanted to say its good to hear that despire your notebook/passport craziness and such you are safe and happy and of that i am always glad.

permalink written by  Ra on July 7, 2009

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