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Day 22, 23 & 24 - RETURN OF MY GLASSES - 7/9-11/2009

Cairo, Egypt

Ok, so what have I been up to these past few days...?
I can't really recall what exactly happened on which days but here is a synopsis of the three.
Ronny, Vall and I hired a driver to take us to the west bank in Luxor to see the temples. We went to four and during this time met the funniest guy ever. He wanted to show us a mummy but apparently it was a secret and behind the fence so he was all hush hush. we followed him not expecting to tip him anything but lone behold there was a body behind this wall. Anyways, we continued to follow chef as he called himself and with his broken, very broken, English, he told us the history of the temple. Apparently there was a man named Ramon who "cut" everything. You had to have been there to know how funny this was. It was soo funny that after he was finished with his little tour we decided to tip him. Then he wanted a pen for one of his kids (this is when we noticed everyone wanting a pen from us...) we three walked around luxor in search for a pool and we found one on the roof of a hotel. it only cost us 25 pounds each but it was worth it. after the pool and a stella, we went out to eat at The Taste of India. wait, the Taste of India was the very first night we were there and the West Bank tour and the pool was the second day, the evening of the second day July 9th, we decided to hit up an Irish pub... This place was ridiculous, hecka funny, but still retarded. So the only beers they had were the three Egyptian beers, Stella, Sakara, another type of Stella, and a Luxor something beer. They had Guinness on tap, but no Guinness... So that on top of an all Egyptian crew, and DJ who was was always off beat did not make for a good time. after a couple beers we left and went to another place which had a stronger beer. when finished we walked back to our hotel where i played soccer out front in the street with some random kids. the next morning , July 10th, we went out to explore the East Bank of luxor, the side we were staying on. We walked around and saw the Luxor Temple and then looked for tour guides that could give the best deal on a cruise to Aswan for Ronny and Vall. Before all that actually I tried to get a train ticket that evening back to Cairo because i called my hotel back there and they said THEY HAD MY GLASSES!!! So yea, i had to get back ASAP. I still can't believe my glasses traveled 200 miles back to me! at the train station all tickets were sold and i would have to wait till the morning of the next day to purchase the 10pm train tickets to cairo... no good, so i went back to my hotel and they easily got me my bus tickets and a driver to get me to the bus station. I Left Ronny and Val in Luxor at 6:00pm and by 7:00pm I was on a bus back to Cairo. 12 HOURS later I arrive in Cairo and hurry back to the hotel where my glasses were waiting for me :) they didn't have any vacant rooms so i hung out in the reception area for 5 hours, until someone check out which was around 11:30, and I got my room. So its July 11th, and I'm just relaxing and waiting for my flight tomorrow.
Egypt has so much to offer and i've missed out on so much i really do need to come back.

The four questions I'm going to miss the most are...

  • Taxi?

  • chariot?

  • felucca?

  • pen?

  • The Phrases I'm going to miss are...
  • Nice/Lovely Tatoo (said to Val every two seconds)

  • Very cheap price just 5 pounds!

  • "Where you from?" [America] "OH, OBAMA!" [yeaaa...] "TAXI?" [no] "Why not!? Very good price!" [like free?? NO] "OBAMA!"

  • Walk like an Egyptian!

  • Well looking back I really enjoyed Egypt, not necessarily the random kid who ran up, hugged my waste and then kissed my belly, or the waiters trying to charged us for more than we ordered, or the high prices given to tourists, or the lack of ability Egyptians have for standing in a line... But I'm going to miss all the taxi, chariot and felucca drivers I messed with, playing soccer with the kids, all the friendly people, how the average Egyptian smiles like 20 times more than the average Indian, and how somehow, anything i lose ends up back in my possession!
    It's now 9:20pm my last night in Egypt and I'm going to bed.
    Tomorrow is my birthday :) and if everything goes smoothly..God I hope everything goes smoothly, I'll be spending it in Egypt, Uzbekistan, South Korea, and Japan.


    permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 11, 2009 from Cairo, Egypt
    from the travel blog: 2009 - Kenny Baldridge - "No Reservations"
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    That is some crazy-ass shit, man! Not sure I could deal with that much randomness; I'd be a nervous wreck. So how was Egypt compared to India in terms of 3rd-worldness? Well, I haven't read most of your India stuff yet so not sure if you saw 3rd-worldness or 2nd-worldness.

    permalink written by  Steve on July 12, 2009

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