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airport musings

Louisville, United States

this is the beginning.

here i am with my new tan&black rolley bag and my guitar leaning close to me. ole girl (not me) takes up four seats close to the plug in station so the floor is the only option for me. i'm checkin the lights of louisville out, smelling the bounce rising out of my suitcase and my hoodie (which i'm very glad that i have), listening to john mayer's 'why georgia'

"everything happens for a reason
it's no reason not to ask yourself
if you're living it right
are you living it right?"

leaving some..or all... of the people that mean the most to me nearly makes me question leaving them. it just hurts. hurts to see them hurt. aches to walk away from them. i love them so much. the last thing i want is to hurt anyone.
it would be so easy to turn back. to stay. to build my place beside them. to get the most loving hugs and kisses everyday. to never leave their ever holding arms and ever kind words.

i can't stay though. there are so many people in the world who don't know the kind of love that i have known. there are so many broken hearts, broken lives, broken people. i just want to share some of what i have experienced...

if i could forgive people the way my mother forgives, if i could hold people the way manny and mary hold me, if i could laugh like my nick or listen like matt... if i could be strong and determined like angella....if i could be consistent like the lord... the world would know love....

"god is love. whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him..." 1 Jn. 4:16

teach me love.

lucky me.
my flight got cut a bit shorter. i'll have a direct flight to Washington, d.c. (instead of going to chicago to change planes). AND they gave me a free round trip ticket to any place in the states in the next year because of the "inconvenience." i've always wanted this to happen to me!!!!!!

permalink written by  theresa on October 15, 2009 from Louisville, United States
from the travel blog: to africa
tagged Flight, Airport and Excitement

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