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back in bkk

Bangkok, Thailand

after 25 hours of travel time, four movies, one oddly sore knee, several mysterious meals including one of the most interesting and congealed omlettes i have ever "experieced" and loosing the entire day of monday somewere along the way, we arrived in bangkok. the new airport is very cool, but apparently was riddled with problems that stemmed from corruption on every level. how surprising for thailand.....
numerous freeways and lots of gasping later, we landed right at ryan's stoop. i am convinced our driver had super powers derived from somehwere above and his seriously cool sunnies, because i'm certain it was nothing short of a miracle that we found that one little house in this giant city....on the first try.

super great to see the little rascal-he hasn't changed a bit-and meet his lovely lady, mala-she's gorgeous, sweet, funny and keeps ryan in line. we enjoyed some seriously tasty and delightfully spicy thai (obviously) food in a spot that i loved the last time i was here. during the day it's a ferry stop (like a bus stop but for the boats that cruise the river) but at night it's a restaurant and bar. the breeze off the river was wonderful becuase it's freakin' hot here, and as we ate, drank, and laughed it just felt great to be east.

after dinner we took bjorn to see the craziness that is kao sahn road. while the infamous backpacker street is still a freak scene flooded with faces and accents from all over the world, bars packed with road-worn travelers drinking 'buckets' of sangsong and cheap beer watching foot ball or some american movie, drum circles on the corner, and people peddling all sorts of wares, including several "ping pong" shows, it seemed as though it wasn't as crazy as i remembered. maybe it's cause it was a weekday on the off season, or maybe it's cuase my imagination got the better of me over the years, or maybe it's just cause i'm getting old, but it seemed like this unique street had mellowed and gotten a bit more chic and a lot less funky. but all the same, it is definately one of the most unique places that i have ever been on this planet and i'll revel in whatever freakiness it has to offer.

this morning, as we ate noodle soup from a cart on the side of the street, shaded by giant triopical trees, the air was thick with humidity and the unique smell of thailand (burning leaves, poo, and something tropical). i couldn't help but feel extatic to be back, and excited for all the adventures to come.

sorry that i didn't get to give enough proper goody-byes to so many, but i know that i am thinking of all of you and wishing you were here.

i'll keep you posted.....

permalink written by  kyla_k on April 25, 2007 from Bangkok, Thailand
from the travel blog: South East Asia and Beyond
tagged Bangkok and Airport

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Adelaide, Australia

Our family holiday to Europe started in the Qantas lounge at Adelaide airport where we said goodbye to my Nanna and Pa. (In the lounge we sat next to the Crows players who were on their way to Perth - my Nanna was pretty excited about that!) My Mum, Dad, sister and I boarded our plane at 5.40 pm and flew from Adelaide to Sydney. We then flew from Sydney to Singapore in a Qantas 747/400. On this flight I watched movies and played games on my own screen - I only had about 3 hours sleep. We saw the Himalayas as we flew over.

We arrived in London at noon on Sunday 11 April. My Uncle Peter picked us up from Heathrow Airport. We went back to his apartment in Paddington, central London, where we stayed for 6 nights with him, Aunt Nicola and my 9 month old cousin, Josephine. We then went for a long walk around London, through Hyde Park and to the Science Museum.

We saw a lot of places/streets whose names are in the English “Monopoly” game, such as Mayfair, Park Lane, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

permalink written by  Decco21 on April 10, 2004 from Adelaide, Australia
from the travel blog: Europe 2004
tagged London, Airport, Adelaide and Qantas

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Philadelphia, United States

The first leg of my trip was uneventful, which is always fairly nice. Exit row seat, loads of leg room, sweet traveler beside me, flight attendant who was headed to Dublin tonight (on to see U2 later this week!), and a smooth landing at my destination.

Then came the fun of walking from the farthest exit on one side of the A terminal at the Philadelphia airport to farthest exit on the other side. Oh, huzzah! Did I mention I chose to carry a non-rolling satchel that doesn't go over my shoulder? :\ Blurgh. Trekking three-quarters of a mile with that wasn't a whole lot of fun, but I'm happy to be seated at my departure gate, ready to head to London!

The sight that greeted me when I walked up to A24 (where I'll depart at 10:40 tonight) was the sign for the aforementioned gate, tacked to a pillar at...Mickey D's. Huh? I thought, "Is my gate at...McDonalds? What?!" It gave me a laugh as my hands un-cramped from holding that bag for so darn long. LOL!

I chatted with a kind woman from Madrid who was waiting to go home...her flight was delayed by almost two hours due to some kind of malfunction on the plane. Ack! I'd rather not be delayed at all tonight, because I simply want to get there, but say the word "malfunction" at the airport, and I get nervous!

Also off to Madrid was a Spanish band, who played for tips. Very interesting!

Now I'm the one who's off somewhere. They've checked our passports at the ticket counter, and the departure area is filling up with passengers set to cross this pond along with me.

I told Vanessa recently that I can't wait to greet her "Love Actually"-style, with a big hug at Heathrow's international arrivals area (minus the kissing and whatnot from the movie, of course). I'm just so excited to see her again - on her turf this time!

My latest Facebook status says it all: London is calling, and I'm SO ready to answer!

permalink written by  Mary Rose on July 15, 2009 from Philadelphia, United States
from the travel blog: UK 2009
tagged Airport and Waiting

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International Arrival

London, United Kingdom

There are a few things I fear in life - spiders, wolves, snakes, the woods at night, etc. - and one on the secondary level of fright for me is flying. Perhaps it's a fear of heights, or the thought that a crazy could be aboard, but I think a lot of it simply has to do with that feeling that I won't possibly be able to sit through the time it takes to make a transatlantic flight without going crazy. Thankfully, my mind was in "I'm on holiday" mode, and I decompressed enough to sleep a bit on the journey - that always makes things speed along more quickly!

Also, US Airways helped out by serving an unexpected meal at about midnight, EST. Surprisingly, it was rather tasty! Who knew? They also showed a film ("Duplicity"...I didn't watch it), and served a breakfast of coffee/tea and a strawberry turnover just before we made our descent into London. US Air gets a thumbs up from me for the food alone, but also just for having this flight...because my jet lag is minimal, and that's a truly nice feeling compared to the narcolepsy I'm used to experiencing here!

After we arrived and I freshened up as best I could (i.e. brushed my teeth, because they were GROSS), I busted my bum to get down to Customs before Vanessa started to worry about me. The queue was extraordinarily long, and I filled out my card incorrectly the first time, like a dork. (Leave it to me!)

When I finally made it up to the counter, I - of course - got the most sour-looking agent, but he did brighten up a bit when I greeted him. He looked over my card, then handed it back to me with an admonishment: "You forgot to sign your entry card." I looked at it, then back up at him, thinking I was in trouble, until he smiled at me. "You must have been too excited to get here."

With a big sigh of relief, I told him that yes, I was VERY excited to be here, and that I couldn't wait to see my friend, who was waiting for me. He stamped my passport and sent me on my way, with a new bounce in my step now that I was only a few corridors away from giving Vanessa a hug!

Picked up my luggage (yes, Dad, it was highly visible, and no, there were no large groups who'd purchased the same rose-colored suitcase that I did! Ha ha!) and headed around the corner...and was told to stop! and smile! "...because I know you'll want this documented!" Gosh, she knows me well, doesn't she?

And one huge hug later, we were off to the car park and headed here, to Aylesbury, my home away from home for this holiday. The countryside is quaint and beautiful, and I can't wait to explore it with my homegrown tour guide.

Is it worth those hours upon hours tucked into a seat in a pressurized tube, way too high in the sky to think about without getting queasy? Oh my goodness, yes. Every minute, every time.

permalink written by  Mary Rose on July 16, 2009 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: UK 2009
tagged Food, Flight, Airport, Arrival and Customs

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Economy Seats Still Suck

San Francisco, United States

They make your butt hurt a lot. :/

So, it's really happened now. I'm no longer in Montreal- I have no landed in San Fransisco. I was a bit teary-eyed as I left my mom at the gate, like a sap. Yes, yes, I'm a momma's girl.

All in all, the flight went pretty smoothly. It took about six hours, which felt longer. There were a lot of movies and T.V shoes to keep me occupied which was nice.

I watched Star Trek for the first time (the new one of course). It was pretty cool. Not my favorite movie of all time, but still really neat.

I also watched two Big Bang Theory episodes, as well as something about Flying Saucers.

And now I'm in San Fran, which is chillier then I thought, seeing that it's in California. Of course, the time difference is screwing me up. 3 hour difference. It's almost two back home, and only quarter to 11 here. I'm gonna go to sleep soon and do some looking around tomorrow. :) My flight isn't until 1:30, so I got the morning to gaze around the area.

Check the Album here and my Facebook for new pictures!

permalink written by  Maestro on August 26, 2009 from San Francisco, United States
from the travel blog: From Montreal to Incheon
tagged Airport, Montreal, Korea, San and Fransisco

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airport musings

Louisville, United States

this is the beginning.

here i am with my new tan&black rolley bag and my guitar leaning close to me. ole girl (not me) takes up four seats close to the plug in station so the floor is the only option for me. i'm checkin the lights of louisville out, smelling the bounce rising out of my suitcase and my hoodie (which i'm very glad that i have), listening to john mayer's 'why georgia'

"everything happens for a reason
it's no reason not to ask yourself
if you're living it right
are you living it right?"

leaving some..or all... of the people that mean the most to me nearly makes me question leaving them. it just hurts. hurts to see them hurt. aches to walk away from them. i love them so much. the last thing i want is to hurt anyone.
it would be so easy to turn back. to stay. to build my place beside them. to get the most loving hugs and kisses everyday. to never leave their ever holding arms and ever kind words.

i can't stay though. there are so many people in the world who don't know the kind of love that i have known. there are so many broken hearts, broken lives, broken people. i just want to share some of what i have experienced...

if i could forgive people the way my mother forgives, if i could hold people the way manny and mary hold me, if i could laugh like my nick or listen like matt... if i could be strong and determined like angella....if i could be consistent like the lord... the world would know love....

"god is love. whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him..." 1 Jn. 4:16

teach me love.

lucky me.
my flight got cut a bit shorter. i'll have a direct flight to Washington, d.c. (instead of going to chicago to change planes). AND they gave me a free round trip ticket to any place in the states in the next year because of the "inconvenience." i've always wanted this to happen to me!!!!!!

permalink written by  theresa on October 15, 2009 from Louisville, United States
from the travel blog: to africa
tagged Flight, Airport and Excitement

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