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24 hours...and counting!

Campbellsville, United States

it's honestly closer to 23 hours. but i've been printing out my itinerary... i'm still not fully packed, and wondering if it's all going to fit. i have one suitcase filled with medical supplies thanks to the generosity of many friends. THANK YOU

plans are to leave at 4am in the morning.
i'm so excited. i just hope i do well, adjust quickly, and learn fast. i'm real excited about the plane trip too. i love traveling!
it's important to me that i'm not traveling just to travel, just for the experience. i have a purpose. whether or not the world understands it is fine with me. honestly, i don't think i do a very good job of explaining it when people don't understand or don't agree. i suppose if i try to live it out maybe one day they'll realize the point. it really doesn't take going to africa to make the difference i want to make in the world. i'm not sure what entirely it takes honestly, but i think it takes being open...taking people in just as they are and accepting them. opening our home and our heart to those in need of rest and love. opening our checkbook to those in need. it doesn't have to start with a trip to africa or having complete strangers or all the homeless people in your city over for a meal...it doesn't even have to end that way. it sometimes starts with saying hi to the person next to you, being generous at a stop light, actually chatting with that grungy kid on the corner just to find out they're actually a person who's life circumstances have screwed them to poverty. making a difference in the world might be just spending ourselves for one moment in order to give another person a little break and realize their humanity. not as hard as it seems really...but then at times very challenging. ...it's just so easy to forget that
"the world that is satisfying to us is the same world that is utterly devastating to them." -r.m. brown
i never want to live away from that...
i see my sisters and my brothers and wonder how i would act if i heard they were born into circumstances i've heard of.... i would act rapidly and aggressively. i would sell everything i owned to extract them from the situation immediately. it could have been you or i, you know? i guess we've just been blessed...or cursed. sometimes i'm not sure. i suppose it depends on what we do with our blessings.

permalink written by  theresa on October 14, 2009 from Campbellsville, United States
from the travel blog: to africa
tagged Thoughts, Anticipation and Hope

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Stopover in Canada

Beijing, China

My ride was probably losing hope.  So many people waiting, so many bags not making it off the luggage go round.  Those waiting with me trickled down from a full Boing 747 to three.  Lost?  The couple in front of me at the lost luggage counter were joyfully reunited with their bags.  The third person persisted at the carousel.  I was told my clothes, toiletries, sandals, gifts, snorkel gear and Chinese English dictionary were in Toronto.  Bagless, I was pleased to find that my ride waited still, "Jan Tu" sign in hand just past the 'nothing to declare' lane.  William and his wife graciously wisked me to an ATM machine and then my guest House.  So far, so luggageless...      

permalink written by  prrrrl on March 14, 2011 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: Beijing 2011
tagged Waiting, Hope and LostLuggage

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Here we go again

Toronto, Canada

The mostly empty airport lounge is most encouraging. Three seats to myself would be the cat's meow, the apex, the cream of the crop, the to die for of economy tickets. I haven't enjoyed that in years. But my optimism might be too soon. I hope there's not a plane load of Beijing bound from Quebec connecting soon. Sigh.

permalink written by  prrrrl on February 21, 2012 from Toronto, Canada
from the travel blog: Beijing I, 2012
tagged Beijing, Toronto, Hope, Quebec, 3Seats, EconomyTicket, AirplaneSeat and Optimism

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