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Off to the airport

Manchester, United Kingdom

So we are off to the airport in the morning to catch our KLM flight to Amsterdam. From there we will be heading to Bangkok

permalink written by  steveandclaire on June 29, 2007 from Manchester, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Steve and Claire in Asia
tagged Manchester and Klm

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Planning madness

Manchester, United Kingdom

We got the money, got the tickets and its all plans on deck! Flying to Hong Kong on the 3rd August, so lets all go and eat and drink before that to say bye! So far we have learnt:
- That the Chinese and Vietnamese and Hong Konganese want to charge you to get into any space that may be of vague interest to anyone including caves, parks, waterfalls and other such wonders of mother nature.
- We have also learnt that bedbugs are most visable at dawn, and that adult ones are 1/4 inch long.
- HSBC make money for Hong Kong and we feel rich because we have thousands of dollars!
- American money smells of playdough (though there is some debate as to whether this smell is actually crayon).
- The Chinese consulate has a big dip in the pavement near it which in the rain is dangerous as your foot can be completely submerged and soaked, this combined with the consulate being closed is heartbreaking.
- We could stay in peoples houses for free, but I (Laura) is scared (because she is scared of people).

Finally we have discovered that China is so mega massive that there is no way we could possibly see all of it in years let alone months, though we are going to the land that brought you Spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken (as far as most takeaways are concerned).

permalink written by  Mal and Laura on August 3, 2007 from Manchester, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: A bit of China and Vietnam
tagged China, HongKong, Planning, Manchester, Vietnam and Facts

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No soccer hooligans sighted

Manchester, United Kingdom

We got to Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday and had a look around, finding a good pub to eat at and a good pub to drink at. The closest hostel was about eight mile or so out of town, so we booked into a B&B.This started a disturbing trend, as hostels only exist in the summer in many medium sized towns. My budget was suddenly at risk! The pub we found with cheap meals only served them for lunch on Sundays, so we ended up going to Wetherspoon's. This mightn't sound unusual, but we had been to Wetherspoon's (part of a nation-wide chain) of pubs everyday except for our night at Oxford. Needless to say, we're getting a wee bit sick of Wetherspoon's!

After our dinner we headed to a local nightclub, pleased to find it deserted and home of the cheapest drinks we've had in the UK. Here I met an interesting character called Darrell (or Dazza as I called him) and his slightly odd mate. Dazza was a door-to-door salesman (must've been the only bloke in a suit in Stratford) who'd been around a bit by the sounds of him. It was nice to hear some authentic British BS, and his mate was kind enough to chat to Shelley. I thought she would find it a compliment that a fellow wanted to chat to her, but a bloke with wing-nut ears and a flat head who fidgets a lot doesn't rate on an Aussie girl's "hot" list apparently.

Onwards to Manchester and our lack of internet access at the Bed and Breakfast forced us to use the guidebook for Britain that we brought with us. We discovered this guidebook was at least four years old. We got lost in Manchester for two to three hours but made it into town okay and stayed at a pub called Monroe's. The pub had interesting decor, I never realised before staying at this pub how many pictures existed of Marilyn Monroe or that nude pictures of her existed. They do.

permalink written by  10bastards on December 2, 2008 from Manchester, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Eurotrip
tagged Manchester

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