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Recoleta es mas bonita y Iguazu falls

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Hi all!

Well, the trip to recoleta was great. We went on tuesday, and I went again alone on wednesday (dont worry nana, I was perfectly safe) and it was brilliant. We walked around Cementerio de la Recoleta where all the rich and famous argentinians are buried, and saw evita perons grave. Which, I must admit I was expecting something else. It was amazing to see the cemetary though, we walked around for ages.

Had lunch in the strangest irish theme pub, what they served i´m sure the irish don´t make. But anyways.

The next day went out on my own to see Naciones Unidas, which i found so beautiful..and shiny.

Moving on, that night we caught an 18 hour bus to Puerto Iguazu, which has the most awesome waterfalls. John did try and kill me with exercise. I can´t even describe how amazing it was, so I´ll just put in the pictures. Soon we´re heading off on a 28 hour bus trip to Salta.

Time for a shower before the bus trip, so talk to you soon!

Love Sarah

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on November 24, 2006 from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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Buenos Aires and Foz de Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Hello to all of you,

Just to start, we wanted to say that we receive all the comments that you write without any problem... and we read it!! It is great to see that a lot of you follow us. Unfortunately we can´t answer all of them as they are comments only, but you can create your own adress on blogabond and send messages (those we can answer!).
Anyway keep on sending plenty of messages and comments because we love to read them...

kisses to all of you.

Alors un peu en francais...
On voulait just dire que l'on recoit bien vos commentaires que vous nous ecrivez... et meme on les lit!! C'est super de voir que beaucoup d'entre vous nous suivent. Malheureusement on ne peut pas repondre aux commentaires mais vous pouvez creer votre propre adresse sur blogabond et envoyer des messages (ca on peut repondre!).
En tout cas continuez a nous envoyer des messages et commetaires parce qu'on adore les lire...

Gros bisous a vous tous!!


So we are now in Argentina... Second country of our trip!!
We arrive in Buenos Aires a little bit less than a week ago and stayed there for two days...
As we always do, we went around town seeing as much as we can...the Palace of Congress, the big avenues, a demonstration, political graffitis on the street walls, the little Big Ben lookalike... and many more buildings that we don´t really remember the names of!! We also saw the famous pink palace where Evita and her husband used to live and where she used to come out on the balcony and be greeted by the population!

At night we wandered in the touristic streets of Buenos Aires and saw a great jazz/ska band called Pollerapantalon! Check it out if you can!

On the next day, just before taking our bus to Puerto Iguazu, we quickly went to see the grave of Evita in the Cimetery where most of the famous people from Argentina are buried... The graves are absolutely beautiful (in their own way) and rivalise with great sculptures.

After those two days in Buenos Aires we took the bus (20 hours of bus) to go to Puerto Iguazu where we are now... It is the main city from where you can visit the Foz de Iguazu, which is the world biggest waterfall.

So we arrived yesterday, very early in the morning and after finding a place to stay at night, we jumped in the bus going to the foz...
We started to go to see a part of the falls called El Garganta Del Diablo which means the Devil's Throat. It is a kind of hole where a big waterfall goes down to and because it is so

powerfull (there is some clouds of water coming from the hole), you can´t even see the bottom. It is very impressive... the nature really hides a lot of wonders!!

After seeing the Devil's throat we went to see other parts of the waterfalls.... first from the top and then from the bottom. there is so many waterfalls, you don´t know where to look next!!!

Along the way, we saw many strange animals called capotis!

We then went to see another view of the park from an island in the middle. After a short climb and a walk in the forest, you see one of the waterfall from the left side... but this view seems to be the closest you can get in the park... and it is beautiful...
The power delivered by the water when it splashes down is very very impressive...
You really don´t want to fall down!! It must be like being in a gigantic (and dangerous) washing machine!!!

After seeing all of those waterfalls, we went for a trek in the forest for about 7km return. It was a real pleasure to leave a bit the touristique part of the park (it is very touristique!!) and to be more in the nature. We heard and saw a lot of birds, we saw a Capivara which is the biggest rodant in the world (kind of mix between a big rat and a rabbit!)... but we missed to see jaguars who are supposed to live in those forest !! (they even give some leaflets at the entrance of the trek to tell you how to react if a jaguar sees you.... scary!!!)

After an hour of walk we arrive to a small waterfall (again!!!) very secluded... the water at the bottom was very clear but definitely too cold to swim in!!

We then return to the park, happy to have walked in the nature.

After a nice night of sleep, we are now getting ready for 20 more hours of bus to return to Buenos Aires, but we won´t stay there long as we plan to head for Mendoza in the wine region...


Agnes and Ola

permalink written by  agnesola on July 30, 2007 from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
from the travel blog: Baby and Baby's around the world travel...
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