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The day somebody ended up in handcuffs!!

Boston, United States

This could quite possibly been our laziest day so far...after sleeping in after the drag show the previous night not to mention the snoring, we decided we would relax a little and do laundry etc while we had the chance. We eventuallly left the hall to head down to Faneuil Hall market place and Quincy Market for a ganders and since we both had got nothing to read(and with a 6 and a half hour train journey on thurs this might be an issue). We had decided to go to the comedy night on the persuasion of another aussie and a geordie so we managed to get ourselves back in time to meet with the crowd who were majorly american, aussie or english. The guy from Newcastle is pretty much doin an identical trip to us all be it a few days behind and by greyhound not amtrak but im sure our paths with be crossing again...and on that note I have refrained from making a dig about newcastle united (not that I would even know where to begin on that one!!) We also had new roommates, 3 Germans, a father and his 2 sons who I would guess are a little older than us, So at this point I am in a room with 5 guys...well thats what I thought. The comedy club was ok, I mean some of the comedians were better than others and you know american humour just isnt the same...although Im pretty sure I was getting the jokes an awful lot faster than the texans sat behind us!! So we ambled home after the show and back to our room to notice that Jerry's (the guy who has been there since we arrived) bed was empty was a little strange since he only seems to sleep n do yoga. This morning Matthius (one of the german sons) said that the police had come in last night and arrested him...what for we dont know but if I find out I won't keep you all in suspence for too long! Bye for now x

permalink written by  Ruck2905 on October 8, 2008 from Boston, United States
from the travel blog: Coast to coast USA baby!!
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Bloody germans hey!! Any sign of him yet? Where's your next destination? how are u getting on with your spends, are u restricting yourself a bit to make sure you don't run out or are u just buying as and when? xxx

permalink written by  Jane Perkins on October 9, 2008

Sorry I guess that wasnt clear, it wasnt the German who was arrested it was an American guy, who apparantly is on the run from something but none of us know what!!

permalink written by  Ruck2905 on October 9, 2008

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