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The Whitehouse, the debate and the hillbilly I forgot!

Washington, United States

Ok so Im gonna start this entry by telling you about the Hillbilly in Baltimore that I forgot to mention! So me Sunil and Chris(an english guy we met in Philly) were just hanging out in the lounge watching baseball when a guy comes down to join us...his first words consisted of 'what are you watching?...baseball?...pfffff'. So this kind of set the tone! We went on to find out that he was trainingfor UFC (this is ultimate fighting champion for those of you who dont know) and had quit his job to stand in line all day to audition for a comedy circuit (where he mentioned jokes about the KKK!). As we talked to him a little while we found that he thought Baltimore was the best city ever and he wasnt gonna vote in the election because there is no choice! So erm a 'colourful' character indeed! (And its also seemed he had taken a lawnmower to his hair)
Anyway...on to DC, after Sunil finally got his lazy ass out of bed, we headed downtown, to watch thefooty n look around. After walking a lot and all to no success in ridiculous heat, we gave up on the footy and went to capital hill! We had lunch and much needed liquid before we went to the Whitehouse...not that u can really get close. In the evening we decided to get a few drinks in and watch the debate and i Swear if they vote McCain there is something seriously wrong with this country!! Anyways off to shop today...xxx

permalink written by  Ruck2905 on October 16, 2008 from Washington, United States
from the travel blog: Coast to coast USA baby!!
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