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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Las Vegas, United States

So Vegas...a week in a decent hotel and Casinos galore...although I never really thought I has a thing with gambling until now...I guess the city of sin really took over - luckily I didn't lose all my money or sell my flight home so I'm still on course for my return next week! We had a lot of fun in Vegas pretty much becoming nocturnal...at best making it out of the hotel 1 hour before sunset! We met up with a friend from Flagstaff (Dave) who had brought a whole group of fellow hostelers from there with him....and being that it was his birthday a good night was to be had, although Sunil was too scared to do the rides on the top of the stratosphere, leaving me and Dave to show the rest of the group how its really done! And I would have to say that one of those rides was the scariest one I have ever been on, dangling of the side of the 107th floor really adds an extra dimension to a ride! Other than those few details, what happens in Vegas...

permalink written by  Ruck2905 on November 22, 2008 from Las Vegas, United States
from the travel blog: Coast to coast USA baby!!
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I want to know all about it when you get home my girl!!!
So you finally understand the attraction your old mum sees in Sin City

Make the most of your last few days Darling

Cant wait to have you home and give you lots of fussing
Larry says wuff you
Love mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

permalink written by  karyn brown on November 23, 2008

Caroline has just asked is that you got married in Vegas??

permalink written by  karyn brown on November 23, 2008

ha ha...what does she think?!

permalink written by  Ruck2905 on November 23, 2008

What's the answer lb!!?

permalink written by  Jane on November 26, 2008

Come on, tell us...you know you want to?! :-) Hope your having as much fun in Vegas as we did!!! Enjoy the rest of your time ther hun. Love Snaily xxx

permalink written by  Ailsa Simpson on November 27, 2008

Haha...like I said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

permalink written by  Ruck2905 on November 28, 2008

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