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Mount Pulag

Benguet, Philippines

It was at the peak of Mount Pulag where I saw the best Sunrise in my entire life. The peak provided a very great view of the horizon and clouds.

Mount Pulag is the second highest mountain in the Philippines at 2,922 meters above sea level. The mountain is very temperate with rain showers throughout the year. The four trails that you can pass are the Ambangeg, Akiki, Tawangan and the Ambaguio. As you trek the man paths of the mountain, the endemic dwarf bamboo and Benguet pine trees cover you with cool shades and wind. I just loved trekking the mountain forests, and the grassland summit. The weather brings very shivering winds and fog. The experience is very refreshing, and I would like to think of it as a pilgrimage. And by pilgrimage, and the best part...standing at the peak while staring at the sun blessing its rays on a sea of clouds.

permalink written by  On Foot on March 17, 2007 from Benguet, Philippines
from the travel blog: On Foot
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I wonder how far Mount Pulag is from the International Airport in the Philippines (in Manila?). I am also into trekking and i would love to go there except that i dont know the specific details of travel. please advise. thanks.

permalink written by  Graig Obriffin on April 1, 2009

That is so cool! I went backpacking Asia once but didn't get the chance to drop by Philippines. Maybe next time.

permalink written by  Ellie Richards on April 1, 2009

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