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Sorsogon, Philippines

In older times, Donsol used to be a simple coastal town in the province of Sorsogon. If you ask almost anyone in the country where Donsol is, they probably would not know. Not until foreigners began to flock and visit the place for one reason: to view the largest fish in the world which is the Whale Shark.

Fishermen back in the days used to hunt and slaughter these enormous creatures, and sell them to Japanese traders. These whale sharks or butandings used to be spotted south of Donsol in the Visayan seas. They were believed to have migrated to the waters of Donsol due to massive slaughtering by fishermen. Today, Donsol has become a popular whale-watching spot for foreigners and Filipinos alike. These animals can grow as much as 50 feet in length. They are either gray or greenish brown in color, with hundreds of pointed teeth. Whale Sharks are absolutely harmless, which makes Donsol an exciting excursion.

permalink written by  On Foot on April 11, 2007 from Sorsogon, Philippines
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I remember there was an independent film that is titled donsol. my friend has a copy of it but i havent watched it yet. ill watch it this weekend.

permalink written by  Susan Sellers on April 20, 2009

if given an opportunity to travel, i would go to this place. its not just a beautiful spot, its also historical.

permalink written by  Rebecca Knight on April 21, 2009

donsol is truly an exciting excursion. ive been there once and id love to be there again.

permalink written by  April Eaton on April 26, 2009

That is so true. Not until the foreigners came flocking in the country did they realize the town's potential, thanks to the gentle giants!

permalink written by  Daryl Romero on May 5, 2009

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