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We left England!!!

Bergen, Norway

(Manos writing)
Sunday morning... I am awaiting for our "half baked" bread to get cooked by the shop in the campsite, while typing on this terribly old desktop :) I don't know if this even has USB connection to bring our card reader to upload pics, so no photos for now.

Oh, the keyboard is funny, I can type these: Ø, Æ, ¤, ü, û, â, å. nice!!

Okay, some little last minute problems encountered on Thursday are now sorted. We left Manchester at 10.25am on Friday morning (after around 2 hours attempting to squeeze everything in the boot and the back seats of the 206 - some items were victims and we through them away).

We arrived in Newcastle after 13:00, the "Queen of Scandinavia" boat finally embarked on 16:00 with an hours delay (but we arrived in Bergen on time).

England is back! The port in Newcastle is pretty ugly and the weather was gloomy at the time. Anyways. With some british pounds still in our pockets, we took our chances in the boat's slot machines and won some 30-35GBP, which treated us the cocktails of Friday night!

Saturday was quite relaxing, we even had the chance of sunbathing. Both me and Georgia are now double-coloured red/white.

18:00 is when we arrived in Bergen. This is a marvelous city. We had some chance to walk around yesterday, more today. And finally, Norway IS VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!! (milk 1.7GBP, beer in front of the see 6.5GBP and so on).

permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on August 2, 2008 from Bergen, Norway
from the travel blog: Europe trip 2008
tagged Bergen and Norway

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The Lofoten Islands

Sortland, Norway

Just when I thought of the Artic Circle as a mere snowbound destination, I never knew what I was missing until I saw The Lofoten Islands.

The place itself consists of red cottages standing high on the water together with sights of fishing equipment, and is a stunning attraction in Norway, in the middle of the Arctic Circle. The group of Islands stretch around a hundred Miles within the Arctic Circle. The place provides great accommodation in the red cottages called rorbu which means fishing boat. These houses are unique because they are colored with old paint mixed with cod liver oil. The Interior is very relaxed and comfortable, with the scent of fresh flowers. The weather is perfect, which is very warm. Food is very uniqe, such as deer steak, seagulls' eggs, rhubarb soup, milk soup mixed with raisins, rice, cinnamon and sugar. Since I am the outdoor type, I find it very fulfilling.

I always dreamed of this place, where I can draw inspiration and write. The Lofoten Islands is just perfect.

permalink written by  On Foot on March 8, 2007 from Sortland, Norway
from the travel blog: On Foot
tagged Fishing, Norway, ArticCircle, DeerSteak, SeagullEggs, Rhubarb, Milk and Cinnamon

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