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Patience is a Freaking Virtue...

Montreal, Canada

For those of you who have went through the process of applying for an exchange program, are probably familiar with the dreaded waiting game. I'd say it's worse than any other waiting period for an application I've had so far.

You see, waiting for an ordinary application is a pain to start with. I remember checking my application process for Concordia every two days (Mind you, I'm just impatient like that). Luckily, I sent it out at the end of February and I received my answer around the end of March, beginning of April.

Exchange programs run differently. With what feels to be four times the amount of paperwork. At Concordia (and probably most schools), you have to list three schools that you'd like to go to. Then you have to write down pre-course selections for these three schools. Then you must get them approved from your faculty adviser. Then the department adviser. Then you finally ship out all those things to the international office at your school. Then you wait about a month as they decide whether or not you're eligible. Once you're accepted, then there's a whole bunch of other various papers you need to fill in. Then you wait about 2-4 months for the host university to answer you back. It's all quite tedious.

Currently, I'm in the near the last stage. Basically, I'm still waiting for Inha to send me back my letter in order to get my student visa. However, I received an email from my intentional liaison officer saying that we should be getting out answers early next week. So! That's a relief. Hopefully, by the next time I write here, I'll have that paper to wave around. :)

Laters everyone!

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from the travel blog: From Montreal to Incheon
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More Pre-Stuff

Montreal, Canada

Woo! Update. Been awhile.

So, I have a few more weeks before the big day. Still feels like there's so much to do. I got my addmission letter from Inha, as to which I was supposed to receive my D2 Visa, but when I went to the consulate, apparently I was still missing ANOTHER piece of paper from the bank. So, this week, I'll have all the papers to go.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to get my passport renewed, which was by far the fastest process I've had to deal with in awhile. Was done in less than an hour and within 9 days, I had my new little passport. I still look like a criminal. No Surprise there. ;) Don't we all look like we've done something bad in those photos?

I also got my Twinrix shots out of the way and let me tell you this- Ow. The first one was fine. The second one hurt a bit, and the last one just made me want to cry (but I didn't because I'm grownup and Manly like that). They're all taken care of now, thankfully and won't have to deal with the last shot until I get back.

Other than all of that, I've actually been pretty busy with other things for the summer. Was up in George River, I went to see Russell Peters, it was my Grandma's 95th birthday... lotsa stuff! And all in our lousy summer weather.

Oh! I got my tickets. I shall be leaving August 26th. My flight will be heading from Montreal to San Fransisco, I sleep there and then the next day I'm off to Seoul. It's gonna be long, but hopefully, I'll manage. Well, I'm going to have to. There's going to be a lot of jet lag involved, I know that much.

Anyway, that's basically what's been going on. Hopefully my entry, I'll finally have my damn Visa!

permalink written by  Maestro on July 3, 2009 from Montreal, Canada
from the travel blog: From Montreal to Incheon
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Busy Busy, But awesome

Inch'on, South Korea

Forgive the lacking of the posting. I haven't forgotten, I've just been exhausted and lazy with with TKD going on five times a week. As I've mentioned, we're training for a tournament in Busan, so it's been pretty intense. I currently sitting down in slight pain. I hate jogging, but it works the legs.

Other than that, I've haven't been anywhere new mainly because of the amount of stuff I've been doing here. However, that's cool, because I still have managed to see new things. And people.

To be more specific, saw a famous Korean actor two weeks ago whilst I was in Myeong Dong. His name? Kwon Sang Woo. Now, whilst I didn't know who it was then, I didn't really care. Why? Because it's a famous person, and he must've been hot due to the amount of girls waiting in the area.

Kwon Sang Woo is most famous for the drama 'My Tutor Friend'. Now whilst I haven't seen it, I took a look at a few of this guy's pictures, and he's a looker. He's also very popular in Japan, which is why he opened up a coffee shop in Myeong Dong (an area in Seoul where there are many Japanese tourists and trendy shopping). At the coffee shop on that day, he was apparently signing autographs. So, for fun, two of my friends and I decided to wait around, see if we could get a glimpse of this star.

In the front of the cafe, there was a bodyguard. Score. I took a shot with my camera (I'll upload those later). We waited a bit more. Soon enough, girls started to scream. Another bodyguard came out along with Mr. Kwon. Now, I've never been in a moshpit, nor have I ever surfed on top of a crowd, but I imagine it's a bit similar to what I experienced. Seeing as I got my pictures (not of the guy, since there was too much moving), I want to go the opposite way of the girls, however, you try doing that when Kwonny boy is walking into another shop. Nope. You're following that crowd until they disperse. I didn't need to walk for that minute. I'm sure I could've just stood there and I would've been dragged along.

Either way, it was a fabulous experience. Whilst I'm sure it happens in Montreal, I'm never in the vicinity. I was actually told that Snoop Dogg was at Concordia the beginning of this year. If I was there, I would've gone to see him. Not because I'm a fan of Snoop Dogg, but I enjoy just experience the crowd and snapping photos. And then reciting my exciting tales about seeing a celebrity that I had no apparent interest in before.

Whilst I don't have any images to upload this week, I do have videos for those who like Break Dancing and Music! Oh and a few things from the Korean Folk Village.










permalink written by  Maestro on November 3, 2009 from Inch'on, South Korea
from the travel blog: From Montreal to Incheon
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Tournament and Stuffs!

Pusan, South Korea

Well, I went to the tournament in Busan over the weekend, and boy it was great! So worth it! I came in the top 12 out of 50 in my category, so I can't complain to much (I will though because you know how I am with losing a fight).

Though it was a great experience, I'm not crazy about the rules and what counts and a point and what doesn't in the sport (who would've thought that a twist kick wouldn't count!?) However, being able to do spin kicks and twist kicks to the face is still pretty awesome. Mind you, I got a twist kick to the nose, which still hurts a bit, but that's mainly because I did it to the girl in the first place. So you know... I deserved it.

I didn't know this, but Inha's TKD team is pretty well known, so needless to say I felt really lucky to go with them. They were all just great too. There's just so much to talk about. I guess I will have to explain through... INTERPRETIVE DANCE.

Or just pictures. Go check them out at Facebook (Now that it's working again). Remember, you don't need an account with the link (though these days, who doesn't have Facebook?)


permalink written by  Maestro on November 18, 2009 from Pusan, South Korea
from the travel blog: From Montreal to Incheon
tagged Busan, Study, Abroad, Korea, Inha and Taekwondo

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All in all...

Montreal, Canada

Happy New Year everyone! (Assuming anyone still reads this)

So, incase you haven't known, I've been back in Canada for about two weeks now. The last few days in Korea were great, but the flight back was hell and a half, with the exception of riding business class from Seoul to Tokyo. That was pretty sweet. And meeting two really cool people. Other than that, it was very long, uncomfortable with a lot of security.

Why can't crazy people leave their craziness at home? I'm expecting in the not too distance future, we'll all be flying naked. Not even a plastic bag, because you can probably suffocate someone with it.

So, now that I'm back in the homeland, I'm settling back into my routine. It's nice to be back in my apartment (with a new T.V), see mounds of snow (and complain about it), and hang out with all of my old friends again. I've started up classes again at Concordia and they seem to be pretty interesting. I've also gotten caught up with gaming (Silent Hill and Dragon Age). Life back in Montreal is nice. With the exception of a work issue, it's nice to be back.

Yet, there's a part of me that still wants to be back in Korea. I really liked it there, in all it's highs and lows. It feels like I was just settling down right before I had to pack up my stuff and leave again. I met some great people that I won't forget, visited some amazing places, joined in exciting activities, and of course, had amazing adventures. It's something that I know I'll never forget. I don't know if I've 'grown' from this experience like a lot of people say they have when they've lived abroad, but I know that I've gotten at least something from all of this.

There's no doubt in my mind that I'll go back there someday. It may not be tomorrow or next year, but someday, I will.

Thanks to everyone who's been keeping up with this blog, and thanks to all the friends I made at Inha University. You guys are the best and I'll miss you all! Don't forget me!

permalink written by  Maestro on January 9, 2010 from Montreal, Canada
from the travel blog: From Montreal to Incheon
tagged Study, Abroad, Korea and Sad

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