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Jour 5 - Kunming / la Forêt de Pierre / Jinghong

Jinghong, China

Nous conduisons environ 80 km pour visiter la première merveille sous le jour, la Forêt de Pierre. Chez nous, il y a un proverbe, “La visite de Kunming sans visiter la Forêt de Pierre est un pur gaspillage de temps”, qui suffit à vous faire croire que vous vous abîmerez absolument dans les beautés karstiques. Les paysages magnifiques sont une bonne excuse à vous faire tomber dans des imaginations illimitées dans lesquelles il y a des chimères, des rêverie et des amours. Sur le chemin à la forêt de Pierre, on arrêtera un moment pour un petit village de Sani. Après le dîner, on prendra l’avion vers Jinghong (ça veut dire la ville d’aube dans le dialecte de Dai ) qui est le chef-lieu de la préfecture autonome des Dai de Xishuangbanna . Celle-ci se trouve au plus sud du Yunnan. Elle est une tropicale zone humide où se joignent les frontières de la Birmanie et du Laos. Ici habitent la nationalité de Dai aussi que des paons d’or--l’emblème du Yunnan. Dans cette région, quoique la nationalité de Dai est la majorité, on peut encore trouver beaucoup des autre nationalités, par exemple, Bulang, Achang. Des touristes sont faciles à se laisser enchanter par des coutumes spéciales, des fêtes et des village fascinants

permalink written by  Yunnan on October 15, 2008 from Jinghong, China
from the travel blog: Le Voyage Fantastique du Yunnan
tagged Shilin, Kunming, Yunnan, Chine, Minorite, Jinghong, Dai, Sani, Tropical and Xishuangbanna

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Pahiyas Festival

Quezon, Philippines

It was May when I discovered a very merry festival that is celebrated in the Quezon province, which was south of Luzon. The people celebrate the Pahiyas Festival which is a tribute to San Isidro Labrador. It is one of the merriest happenings in the country during the summer.

Because of heavy traffic, we were forced to park our van in a vacant space a few meters away from the streets. I switched into a wifebeater or sleeveless shirt because of the blistering heat. We walked the narrow streets and were surprised to find very colorful decorations that hung on the walls, doors and windows of each house. The specialty of the town is the pancit habhab and longanisa (local sausage) which were sold at the sidewalks. There were also processions of the San Isidro.

The best part of it was having a beer in the middle of the crowd during the hottest part of the day.

permalink written by  On Foot on February 23, 2007 from Quezon, Philippines
from the travel blog: On Foot
tagged Tropical, Philippines, QuezonProvince, PancitHabhab, Longanisa and Sausage

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Pug-os Beach

Pug-os, Philippines

There is a beach in Ilocos Sur that is located in Pug-os, Cabugao. It is not really the great beach that I expected, such as having nice amenities. But the resort is perfectly solemn place at the far north of the Philippines.

Visit Pug-os beach if you want to escape from the noise and pollution of the metro. The beach has fine winds that calm your senses. The resort even has convenient rooms equipped with air conditioning, bed, and bath. The rooms are really just simple as they do not have television sets, yet it would be perfectly fine if you are there for the solemnity. The simplicity of the beach is what makes it very beautiful. You can enjoy walking on the white sand, or swimming with the waves hitting the shores. Alternately, you can also go to the resort swimming pool which is located in front of the beach. Just relax and enjoy simplicity at its finest.

permalink written by  On Foot on March 27, 2007 from Pug-os, Philippines
from the travel blog: On Foot
tagged Beach, Tropical, Philippines and North

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