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The weakling protest that just got bigger

Philadelphia, United States

So first full day in Philly (though we slept half of it away, we went off to explore the city. We went first to find food and ended up in this massive food market(and I can't actually remember what its called) which served whatever you wanted, which was pretty cool! We then starting walking round the landmarks. city hall and some very questionable looking statues (I'll post pics of them as soon as I can). Outside city hall there was quite possibly the smallest most ineffective protest going on. About 10 people (if that) holding signs saying 'honk for peace' was all it amassed too, with most of the motorists ignoring them anyway. So we made our way into the university district which was a whole world away from where we had been so far, very green and picturesque - and as we established, flags of all the UN countries were hung. At the end of this deceiving road (it went on for ages) stood a statue of Rocky and those infamous stairs, which we both dutifuly climbed! We made our way home after that, it had been an exhausting few hours especially when the temperature was about 26 degrees, too hot for so much. On the way back this weakling protest had actually grown into something quite credible with many more cars honking and people campaigning against the war ( and a man dressed up as Dubya, plastic mask n all, with a sign on his back saying 'Impeach me!'). We hung around in the hostel listening to open mike night where some guy was butchering classic after classic, including Zombie by the Cranberries, so decided to go grab some food...Sunil finally having a Philly Cheesesteak (although it didnt look like it was as greasy as they say) before spending a relaxing night in!! Today is football day, so pretty much all the English people have homed in on each other and we will all go together to watch the game!! Bye for now xx

permalink written by  Ruck2905 on October 11, 2008 from Philadelphia, United States
from the travel blog: Coast to coast USA baby!!
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I hope you're not getting too sunburnt!! xx

permalink written by  Jane Perkins on October 13, 2008

Thought u were supposed to run up those steps fists in the air??!! Also hope u are wearing suncream tilly xx

permalink written by  Mum on October 13, 2008

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