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The Liberty Bell, the midnight train and some little ghost town called baltimore.

Baltimore, United States

Think I will round up Philly for you first, I mean its not that it was horrendous but the two main tourist attractions the Libverty Bell and Independence Hall really did suck! And trying to charge us 20$ cover to watch England you must be kidding. So we packed ourselves up and looked forward to moving on to Baltimore...how wrong we were. The useless people at Amtrak had given us tickets for competely different trains...subsequently I had already missed my midnight train and Sunil was forced to miss his midday train to try and sort my ticket out. We managed to leave Philly an hour later than planned but I think if he had of known just what Baltimore was like we would have stayed longer! There is not much to say about here, I mean its just a ghost town, other than the harbour, there is no shops, nowhere to eat and generally no people! Its kind of freaky in that respect, I half expect to see tumbleweed rolling down the road! And to top it off there is a group of kids in our hostel that are frustratingly typically American, making it difficult to even relax at the hostel when there is nowhere to go...and with it being Columbus day today I just cant see it getting any better. All I can say is bring on DC tomorrow, I need some civilisation!!

permalink written by  Ruck2905 on October 13, 2008 from Baltimore, United States
from the travel blog: Coast to coast USA baby!!
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Liz......why is ever blog entry you moaning, people will think we're not having a good time. (which we are)

permalink written by  Sunil Nagi on October 13, 2008

Baltimore is definately worth a moan and u know it... the rest im not moaning, just retelling funny stories lol!

permalink written by  Liz on October 13, 2008

I cant believe you guys went up the Rocky stairs!!! How ace is that!! I was only watching one of the Rocky films (I dont know which one) the other night!! Sounds like your having an amazing time!!! And im massivly massivly jealous sitting in rainy old Frodsham booooo!! Keep up the good times!! Take care!

permalink written by  Annabelle on October 15, 2008

How funny would it have been if you saw tumbleweed!!

permalink written by  Jane Perkins on October 20, 2008

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